YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

My first wedding of 2023 was on January 28th, and I was lucky enough to spend it at the Avanti Mansion with Melissa and William! They are such a sweet, quiet couple, and I was excited to see how they would react to each other on their big day. I found them both so joyful that the moment was here, seeing each other and then darting back to their separate spaces with their party. I checked in with family, made sure the correct people knew how the lighter worked for the candle ceremony (I’ve see mishaps…) and then headed up to the front to watch them walk in! Melissa came down from a grand staircase and then the two were face to face in front of everyone. I could feel some nerves, but as I began to speak and describe their love, I saw them loosen up and eventually laugh, and after their vows, they were holding hands and back to themselves, just a couple people in love, lucky enough to be getting married. Congratulations William and Melissa! There is no doubt the two of you were made for each other and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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