YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 5th was a stunning day at O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow. I can honestly say only Holly and Justin could get me to miss the Gay Pride Parade and instead hang out with them! But it was worth it to see these two people, who love each other so much, share such a beautiful moment. It was a pollen filled day, and Justin and I joked about how we’d survive the billowing and blowing pollen clouds that were surrounding us. Little did we know that wouldn’t be the issue…As we made our way to the alter, and watched gorgeous Holly make her way out, I started to notice a cute little caterpillar on Justin’s shoulder. And while he laughed a lot during the ceremony, I didn’t find out until later that it was because he step-daughter who was maid of honor, was COVERED in them! They were all just smiling and laughing and having such a pure and wonderful moment. During the funny bits were the heartfelt bits and they seemed as happy as can be to be kissing as husband and wife. Congratulations Justin and Holly! I wish you endless joy and a caterpillar free future!

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