YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I was lucky enough to kick off Pride Month on June 4th at the Botanical Gardens with Samantha and Jasmine for their lovely wedding! When they arrived they both looked so beautiful and excited (ok nervous) to share this moment with each other and their closest friends and family. I don’t often get emotional at weddings, but when their two grandmas came down the aisle as flower girls, I almost lost it!!! They held hands at the alter and looked deeply into each others eyes, while I listened to the sound of bridesmaids sobbing next to me šŸ˜‚. It gives you an idea of how special this moment was and how happy everyone was for it. Soon enough it was time to kiss as married wives and I felt as excited as everyone in that room. Congratulations Jasmine and Samantha! I’m so glad that you found each other in Middle School and kept that friendship and love alive until now. Best wishes always.

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