YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 24th was a lovey, but chilly day that I got to spend with two different wedding couples! First was Catherine and Vincent at the The Roycroft Inn for their simple and intimate ceremony, that was about the two of them and how wonderful they are together. I was happy to be in the small room with just a handful of friends and family. The safety of those they love was on the top of their minds, and they did a good job reigning in their big day so it wasn’t about stuff, it was about them. They stood at the alter, beaming at one another, tears in Catherine’s eyes. As they held hands they said their vows and it was a beautiful moment when the finally kissed as husband and wife! Congratulations Vincent and Catherine. It’s a real joy to marry fellow readers, and I’m so happy that you picked me! Best wishes.

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