YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

To be in Ellicottville in New York State in October is a magical thing. So I was super excited to be a part of Katie and Kevin’s wedding at Ellicottville Brewing Company on October 18th. It was a chilly, but lovely morning, and I really like weddings at the Brewing Company. It’s super cute in there and feels very intimate. Plus I got to see one of my favorite photographers, Erica from City Lights Studio!
When I first arrived I found Katie and Kevin about to get a few more photos taken. Katie had on a blush dress which was just amazing, and their space looked super cute as well. Guests were chatty and happy, and I could tell looking forward to the ceremony beginning. I finally made my way up with Kevin who was all smiles as he watched Katie make her way out to him. They had their 3 children their with them which was super cute, and funny because as we all know, you never stop being a parent, even when you’re in the middle of getting married.
The kids had their own vows as they promised to listen to and take care of one another, and then the new family of 5 vowed to always be a place of love for all of them. It was very touching and you could see how important family was to them. Then before you knew it, they were kissing as husband and wife and surrounded by applause! Congratulations Kevin and Katie! I’m so glad you found each other after high school and that Katie wasn’t too cool for Kevin anymore. Best wishes always.

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