YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On November 15th, I found myself at Statler City for Lara and Luke’s wedding. An adorable couple, it didn’t matter if it was cold outside, or if the marriage license got ruined (more on that in a moment), the only important thing was that they were together and they were about to be married! They were hanging out together waiting for guests to arrive. They had done their first look and photos and were warming up and laughing with their wedding party, when I had to come and ruin it by asking for the marriage license. Luke realized they must have left it in the limo, so they were calling around trying to get it to turn back. Luckily, it did and a groomsman went down to fetch it. When he came back up he was like, I GOT IT, and also the ice bucket spilled all over it. It was soaked and seemed ruined, and for the next 10 minutes, he knelt in front of the space heater until it dried out. That’s how you pick your party people.
Soon enough, this was behind us and Lara and Luke could focus on their approaching moment. I made my way to the alter and watched everyone excitedly come out. Finally Lara made her gorgeous debut, and we were off! It was an easy ceremony for two such cute humans, and they laughed and held hands and couldn’t wait for that final kiss. Congratulations Luke and Lara! I’m so happy I met you and know you have a happy future ahead of you!

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