YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It’s always difficult this time of year as weddings wind down. Breaks are nice, but I tend to miss the energy and excitement that fills a wedding ceremony hall. So I was delighted to still be in it on November 2nd, for Chloe and Joseph’s wedding at the Tonawanda Castle. I love Chloe and Joe because their first date involved Chloe asking him if he wanted to come see her pig (yes, she has a pet pig), and fate took over from there! They are fun and generous with each other, and seemed very excited for this day to be here. I checked in with both of them, at one point asking Joe if he had the marriage license in this room because Chloe said he did, and watching his mind half explode because he definitely didn’t. Luckily, a bridesmaid took over and pulled it out. Chloe was nervous, but she looked beautiful and they were both ready for everything to begin!
I headed out to the alter with Joe and watched everyone slowly enter, including an adorable flower girl and an equally adorable ring bearer, who I was impressed made it to the front! They Chloe came out and Joe stared at her with a sweet smile, and soon they were stumbling through vows and laughing about it, and taking hands before that big kiss. One smashed glass underfoot and they were Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Joseph and Chloe! I was so happy to share in your day and I wish you nothing but the best!

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