YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite wedding spots, so I was thrilled to be there on June 23rd, a gorgeous summer day, with two self-proclaimed Harry Potter loving nerds, just like myself! Adara and Matthew are an adorable couple and I was so happy to spend their wedding ceremony with them. The place looked amazing and everyone was so happy to be there. I checked in with Adara first, and let me tell you, she was literally glowing. She was so happy and excited and her energy was contagious! She made me feel completely jazzed to be there! When I found Matthew with his groomsmen, he was also excited, but had a little bit more nerves running through him. I knew that they were going to be adorable when they met at the alter, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Matthew and I headed out and watched the wedding party walk down. He was smiling at friends and family, but things turned serious when Adara made her debut. She looked beautiful and Matthew had glassy, love filled eyes. Adara had tears in her eyes when she saw him and they nervously took hands and smiled at each other as I happily made my way through the ceremony. It was truly a joy filled moment and after their vows and ring exchange, they were super ready for that first and best kiss. Congratulations Matthew and Adara! It really was a true pleasure meeting both of you and thank you for letting me share in your beautiful day. Best wishes!

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