YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 22nd was very exciting because I was in a new venue I had never seen before, and I was with the uber adorable Christine and Justin, who just make you happy when you’re around them! At 500 Seneca St., I gawked at the super cool space and checked in with a very cute and excited couple. They were peeking out at their space that they hadn’t seen put together, and joking around with their wedding party. I could tell they weren’t as nervous as some couples, but really just ready to get going.
I made my way out with Justin and we were lucky enough to watch Christine make her beautiful entrance. Everyone in the audience seemed to be glowing along with her. They met each other and took hands, and stood side by side as their friends gave readings and they smiled at each other as they delivered their vows. It was such a perfect feeling moment it could have been a movie wedding. Not to mention after their huge kiss, they walked down the aisle to Sufjan Stevens, who is my favorite and it was such a beautiful moment! Congratulations Justin and Christine. You’re such a well-matched couple that I know you’ll have such a full and happy life ahead of you. Much love always!

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