YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 30th was making me nervous because they were calling for rain, and I really didn’t want anything to mess up Jamal and Shontay’s special day. Luckily, it ended up being a lovely day, especially for photos, although honestly I’m not sure you could get a bad shot of the two of them. Pure adorableness. I met them at the Avanti Mansion and was able to peek though a door the outside where they were having their first look! I only peeked for a second though so that they could have that moment all to themselves. When I did get to talk to them, they were both so jazzed! Although it’s hard for me to imagine Jamal ever looking unhappy. He has one of the most infectious smiles and he was just giggling all the time! They didn’t even seem nervous to me, just so ready to get married!
I hung out with the groomsmen for awhile, which is always fun for me to be a spectator on a group of people who are just being themselves. At some point, I should really write a book. They kept strengthening bow-ties and making sure that everything was going to be perfect when we started in a few minutes. Finally I was walking to the alter with Jamal and his best man, as we watched the wedding party make their way down, with the beautiful Shontay heading in last. They immediately grabbed hands and had full faces smiles for the entire ceremony. They laughed and joked and definitely got some awwww’s from the audience. I was honestly feeling a little bummed as the ceremony was wrapping up, because I knew my time with them was coming to an end. I think I was clapping the loudest after I told them they could kiss and husband and wife! Congratulations Jamal and Shontay! You’re truly the perfect couple and I wish you such a long and happy life together. I’m so lucky to have been a part of this moment. Much love!

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