YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Not everyone needs years and years of being with someone to know they are supposed to marry them. And that was the case on December 22nd, when Bernadette and Jorge were married! Although they haven’t been together as long as some couples, once they found each other they knew they were meant to be. They planned a small and intimate wedding, so that their Grandmas could definitely be there, and are planning a larger one next year. Although I think it will be hard to top the beauty of this! Sometime the simplest weddings are the prettiest. I met up with Jorge who seemed to be doing well. Bernadette was carrying the wedding nerves for both of them, so he was just looking forward to the moment and hoping that Bernadette would be able to feel more relaxed after. When she arrived at the Avanti Mansion, she was nervous, but I could tell it was mixed with excitement that this moment was happening. It was lovely in the room, in front of the fireplace, and Jorge and I watched her descend the staircase until she was in his hands. They stole glances at each other, but were otherwise quite shy at the intimacy. They did combine sand in a picture frame, symbolizing their unity with something they could keep forever. But soon they didn’t have to be nervous anymore, because it was time to kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Jorge and Bernadette. I’m so happy that you found each other and that I could share in your day. Much love!

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