YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

On 11/11 (so exciting), I got to share in Heather and Derrick’s 11th anniversary! Bit of a numbers pattern going on there. And I couldn’t have been happier than to be at the Tonawanda Castle while they finally celebrated their big day. They are truly perfect for each other. They both seemed to have the same level of excitement when I arrived and checked in with them. It was just a perfect way to spend a Sunday, with family and friend and each other and a bunch of cupcakes.
Guest slowly gathered, grabbing hot apple cider as they made their way to their seats. I could tell Heather and Derrick were eager to get started because everything started on time, and you didn’t have to tell them anything twice. As I made my way to the front, I really enjoyed looking back at guests who were beaming for the couple. Heather was escorted down and looked absolutely beautiful, and Derrick couldn’t take his eyes off her. They were a little nervous when they were standing face to face, and ended up looking at me a lot, and nervously sneaking glances at each other. It was a heartwarming moment, and they slowly inched closer to each other as the ceremony went on. But like all of them, soon it was time to kiss and be introduced as husband and wife! Congratulations Derrick and Heather! I know you’ll have many more decades of love and joy together and I wish you nothing but the best!


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