YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I really do meet the most adorable couples. And that certainly was true on September 29th at Wanakah Country Club. It’s a lovely space with a large outdoor covered patio, and guests were out there sharing drinks and waiting for the big moment. I found Kristen with her bridesmaids and she looked wonderful. So confident and excited. She’s not the kind of bride to stress the little stuff. I feel like she was of the mind that they were here and that’s what was important. I wish I could teach that feeling to brides! You’ll be so much happier if you don’t sweat the small stuff.
I found Alex in a locker room with his groomsmen, which I didn’t know was a men’s locker room until I was being dragged out of there. Don’t worry world, I wasn’t looking at old man golfers in towels! I just wanted to hear from Alex who was happy with a bit of nervousness and we discussed some last minute things, including getting a key to their wine/love letter box that was locked shut. Once that was open and ready for their love letters, I knew we were good to go. I made my way down and soon Alex arrived, taking a long walk down the aisle by himself as people were bursting to clap for him. I could tell people were really looking forward to this moment. After the wedding party made their way out, Kristen made her stunning appearance and it was time to talk all things love. They laughed and held hands and more than once, fought back tears as they said beautiful things to each other. After having a family member do a reading, and saying their vows, and tucking away their love letters in a time capsule, there was nothing left to do but kiss and be married! Congratulations Alex and Kristen. You’re a wonderful couple and that shot immediately after the ceremony solidified that you know how to keep this party going and will know how to keep your marriage going as well. Best wishes always.

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