YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 7th was spent at the Hotel Lafayette for the adorably matched Sabrina and Justin’s wedding. I could tell they were a bit nervous from the rehearsal the night before, but I knew everything was going to be perfect for them. I found Justin hanging out with his groomsmen, greeting guests, and he seemed excited and that he was doing better nerve wise. They had done a first look together which I think always helps to alleviate some of the tension. It’s hard not seeing your person all day!
Sabrina was upstairs getting some finishing touches, so I didn’t see her til she pretty much walked down the aisle. Whenever that happens, I actually get butterflies in my stomach waiting for the big reveal. I can’t help it! So when Justin and I waited at the alter, and watched their large wedding party walk out to stand with them, we were both pretty excited to watch Sabrina make her entrance. She looked beautiful and they seemed so happy when they were face to face again. They had written their own vows which were meaningful and touching and I’m surprised they were able to keep it together during them. And then the moment arrives once again, and I’m watching a couple kiss for the first time as husband and wife! Congratulations Justin and Sabrina! You’re so good together and I’m so happy to  have been a part of your day. Best wishes!

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