YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 8th was the first day that really felt like fall was around the corner. It was chilly at Bristol Harbour in Canadaigua, but that didn’t take away from the beauty of the venue or of Jessica and Ryan! I first saw the couple outside with their party getting photos taken. With the blowing trees and lake behind them, it was a surreal vision. I can only imagine how amazing those photos turned out! I finally got to see the couple as they headed in to warm up a bit and prepare for the big moment. This was a high energy group! I didn’t see any nerves. Just laughter and excitement as the couple and their closest friends waited for the fun to start. We all made the long walk out to the alter, and while it was overcast, it just made everything else light up. Especially Jessica! She finally walked down last and stood before Ryan and I think I watched the enormity of the moment hit them both. I like to tease couples and have them move closer to each other because sometimes they end up so far away, and I think they feel more nervous. As soon as they step together and can really look into each others eyes, it all clicks and then it’s just a perfect moment.
They had some lovely readings and then it was time for their vows. Which they chose traditional vows that I said and they repeated, they wanted to add a personal message to each other first. It was vows on top of vows and it was the best! It’s your day and you should say whatever you want to that person in that moment. It’s what it’s made for! Then they were kissing and hugging and being called Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Ryan and Jessica! It was a magical day and I hope that magic follows you in all your days together!

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