YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

March 24th was exciting not only because I actually had a need to wear sunglasses, but I found myself at a new venue with an amazing couple. New York Beer Project was a super cute and hip spot to get married, and had a low key environment which was perfect for Amanda and Robert. That had been together a long time and had a little Robert already, and were just looking to have a beautiful moment for the two of them. I felt very lucky to be included in such!
As guests started to gather, I looked around for Amanda and Robert’s sand ceremony, but couldn’t find the set up. There had been a mix-up and it never made its way to the venue. Luckily we were in a brewery, and was able to grab some grains and malt which made for an even better moment! They combined the grains and malt from two containers into one, symbolizing their joining together. It was a sweet, appropriate moment, that fit the two of them. Their vows were incredibly beautiful, even though I could tell I was getting looks from the audience when it was Robert’s turn because I didn’t give him the microphone. But he told me beforehand that moment was just for him and Amanda, and it didn’t matter if anyone else heard. It was a very sweet gesture and she seemed very moved. Finally, the took hands for the last moments, tears in both of their eyes, and leaned in for that first, perfect kiss! Congratulations Robert and Amanda! It’s hard to imagine a more perfect couple and I know you have nothing but happiness in your future. Much love!


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