YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The only place you would have wanted to be on March 10th was a big warm room, full of people you love. So, lucky for Angie and Chris, it was their wedding day and exactly that! At La Galleria, guests slowly filtered in as I checked in with Chris (doing very well in the tears department) and Angie (doing not as well in the tears department) as they continued to get ready for their big day. Chris hung out and made jokes with his groomsmen and camera man. No nerves there, just pure excitement! Angie might have been nervous, or just full of love, but the tears were happening and her bridesmaids were lightly teasing her about it. I did too by the time the couple made their way to the alter. When Angie saw Chris and stood by his side, she looked like she was using all her self control to keep it together. I told her she was going to make it very hard on me (seeing people cry from happiness is hard!), and she laughed and I think relaxed a little. After a reading and vows it was time to exchange rings, and finally Chris seemed a little nervous! He was shaking a bit as he put her ring on and I knew they would both be happy when it was time to kiss and they could get out of the spotlight. So I announced them husband and wife and the room erupted! Congratulations Chris and Angie. I’m so happy after all this time you finally got married and had your special moment. I wish you a happy future together.

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