YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

With the year halfway over, I’m enjoying every wedding to the fullest, and that was true on July 30th at the Tonawanda Castle. I found Kim and Nick in their respective hideouts, waiting for the big moment to approach. Nick was definitely nervous, but it was very charming. His excitement couldn’t be hid behind it. And Kim was just ready! She seemed happy and eager and couldn’t wait for the moment. I watched guests arrive and make their way to the lovely second floor space, and try to peek in the room to catch a glimpse of the couple. But they were ushered inside so that the couple could line up and prepare to get married!
I made my way to the front and the groomsmen walked out, followed by the bridesmaids, who were already looking teary. Then the big moment arrived, and Kim stepped out. She looked amazing and I thought Nick was gonna lose it at that point. But they kept it together, even with me telling them not to worry so much and stand closer to each other! They combined themselves with their sand ceremony and seemed more at ease once they knew the kiss was coming up. I was so happy to finally announce them husband and wife, and I could see parents and grandparents crying. Congratulations Nick and Kim! It was such a perfect moment for such a perfect couple. Much love!

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