YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 23rd was perfection. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, including the amazing space at Kloc’s Grove. I’ve done many weddings here, but each time I’m blown away by what a perfect space it is. And it looked wonderful all set up for the beautiful wedding of DeShea and Sam. This wedding traveled thousands of miles to take place, which makes sense considering they met in in Australia, didn’t have their first date for over a year, and when they did it was in Hong Kong! The world is their oyster and the little globes placed throughout the venue drove that home. Plus, I was lucky enough to hear New Zealand accent’s the whole time from Sam’s family, which is a big win. The couple didn’t seem nervous, but instead very excited and eager to start the ceremony. They were completely confident in what they were doing, and this just felt like another wonderful day together. Finally, guests gathered around the alter, and I made my way out with Sam, who was perhaps getting a touch of nerves. He was beaming at DeShea when she finally made her way out and walked down to greet her soon to be husband. They look perfect together and it was an easy ceremony, talking about how much they love each other and all that’s they’ve been though in their ceremony. Not to mention dozens of 14 hour flights. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. Their kiss made the crowd erupt, and the smiles on their faces proved what I had always thought. This was a meant to be moment. Congratulations Sam & DeShea! You each found your needle in a haystack and you knew that was too important to ever let go. I wish you so much happiness and a lifetime filled with adventure.

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