YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Here’s to old friends getting married! I never forget how lucky I am to be an officiant, because I get to be a part of such a big day for so many special humans. Only July 1st, I was lucky enough to marry Lana and Mike, having been friends with Lana since we were 14! Her and Mike are such a great match, and their blended family looks so beautiful together, so I was beyond excited for this day.
Sadly, Lana lost her dad a few years ago and it didn’t feel right for her to have a wedding ceremony without him. So, they ended up having the ceremony in the cemetery, near his plot. Now, that might sound weird to some people, but it was really lovely. The place where he rests is like a small park, and it felt right for this moment to take place there. It was a simple ceremony, where I tired not to disclose too much about Lana and I in our teens, and the couple seemed happy to get to that kiss and get some of the attention off them, and on to their amazing reception. Food trucks and dessert trucks? Live band? Sparklers? FIREWORKS?! Now that’s one hell of a party. Lana and Mike have a big family and many friends, but they made it feel intimate in her mom’s backyard in the house we all pretty much grew up in. Every time I would look over, I would find them smiling, laughing, dancing, and kissing. No matter how many weddings I attend, I never tire of them. And I know Mike and Lana will always feel the same way about each other. Thank you for letting me share in your day and for always keeping my secrets all these years! I love both of you and congratulations!

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