YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Thurday 10am wedding? Check! And what better place to have a unique wedding than at our very own City Hall! Such a beautiful building, it’s nice to see beautiful events take place there. And that is exactly what Abbie and Ben made happen on June 15th. When I first walked up the City Hall steps I found Ben and Abbie posing together for photos, ear to ear grins on their faces. They kept the event simple and low key, but they still looked beautiful and had that wedding day glow about them. We gathered into a beautiful room where instead of local justice taking place, a forever bond of love would. With a handful of guests seated around them, Abbie and Ben walked to the front of the room to read their vows to each other and be joined in marriage. I think it ended up being more meaningful than they expected, because they both seemed very moved and surprised by what they were feeling. But they weren’t surprised by how much they were looking  forward to that kiss! They definitely grabbed each other and embraced and looked stunned and thrilled that they were husband and wife. Congratulations Ben and Abbie! It was a first time location for me and I’m not surprised that such a unique couple would have such a unique spot. I wish you the best in your adventures together!

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