YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

November 11th was special not only because Kelsey and Kevin were married, but I did my first official church wedding! The Trinity Church is a gorgeous building that let’s non-denominational ministers perform ceremonies there. I was a tad bit intimidated when I first walked in, but soon it felt welcoming and of course full of love as guests filled in. I found Kevin who had a nervous glow to him and seemed just as in love with the space as I was. He was eager for Kelsy to arrive and I think get everything started. The longer you stand around the more nervous you feel! There was a pianist on the stage greeting everyone, and it felt like the perfect time to watch a couple share their love. And that’s exactly what they did when Kelsey arrived! She walked down the aisle and then Kevin came out to meet her and bring her up onto the stage, where they both looked nervous together! They smiled so much and gave me that “wow this is happening” look a few times. Kevin made it all the way to the last line of his vows, before he chocked up and needed a second to catch his breath. That looked like Kelsey’s favorite moment of all. Only to be topped by the kiss at the end! Congratulations Kevin and Kelsey! It was a beautiful moment for such beautiful people and far from your last one together. I wish you so much happiness in your life together!

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