YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Remember remember the 5th of November. I can tell you in all certainty, that Nikole and Bryan will surely do just that! At The Webb, in a gorgeous brick room, their guests gathered on an unseasonably warm and beautiful day to watch Nikole and Bryan share their vows and become husband and wife. They both seemed pretty excited and calm when I arrived (more on that later), and I enjoyed just walking around and looking at all the beautiful things at their wedding. Guests were taking photos of each other with Polaroid cameras and leaving them in a guest book for the couple. After everyone said their hellos, it was time to sit down and await the beautiful Nikole as she made her entrance. I would say in this moment, Bryan possibly lost his calm. He looked very, very nervous. I think it all hit him in one moment. That after 9 years together, it was his wedding day! I watched him shoot small glances at Nikole, but I could tell her was worried about crying so he would quickly look away and focus on getting through the moment. Nikole was beaming at him the whole time though, I’m sure knowing how he is and how he would handle the moment. When they said their vows though, they looked into each others eyes and you could feel the love that had been created over all those years. Eventually the hard part was over and they could kiss and relax into their new rolls. Congratulations Bryan and Nikole! I’m so happy that I met you and spent this amazing moment with you. You’ve been through so much together already, these next 50 or so years will be a breeze 😉

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