YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

July 23rd was awesome. At The Creekside, I was honored to be a part of a unique wedding with an awesome couple who brought what they loved into their wedding and made it their own. Although Lisa did tease that there was A LOT more Lawrence there than her. But when I saw how most things were purple, I figured it was pretty equal 😉
The first thing you noticed was an awesome electric guitar that was there for guests to sign! I had never seen anything like that before and guests were loving it. I can imagine Lawrence jamming out on it later, with all the names of the people he loves most on it! Guests were excitedly chatting and waiting for the moment, a tad reluctant to head outside because of the blazing sun and heat, but when it was time, they happily complied, knowing that this moment between Lisa and Lawrence was worth it. As I headed outside with Lawrence, we knew it was time to start when the ring bear came out. No, I didn’t spell that wrong, the ring bearer was a ring bear! Lisa’s son came out in full bear costume to present Lawrence with the rings! It was hilarious and adorable and he managed to stay in character minus the heat and his heavy bear costume. After everyone stopped laughing it was time for Lisa to make her entrance. She looked amazing and Lawrence’s face lit up immediately. They held onto each other and smiled and it was lovely moment for everyone who was there. After a big kiss at the end, they happily held each other, knowing they were finally married. And it didn’t hurt when the walked inside that they were greeted by a giant ice sculpture of a bass fish! Lawrence really loves fishing! It was a fun and wonderful surprise and you could tell how much guests loved them to have figured out a way to sneak in an ice sculpture! Congratulations Lawrence and Lisa. You’re already so happy together, this marriage can only be the cherry on top. Much love always!

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