YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

You don’t need a giant hall to have a beautiful and complete wedding. You can have a small cabin on a small lake and have all the beauty you could ever hope for. That’s what Tara & Jess knew on July 15th at the Commissioner’s Cabin in Chestnut Ridge. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and it felt absolutely perfect for their friends to gathered around this small cabin, with kids running in and out, sharing in a moment that was completely comfortable and something to behold. Jess was there greeting guests and keeping things organized before Tara showed up. You could tell she wanted everything to be perfect, but was also just having a blast with her friends. Everyone was so happy! You could tell there wasn’t anyone there who would want to be anywhere else. Perhaps they would have requested a little more shade, but all in all, it was ideal. We were told Tara would be pulling up in a moment, so everyone took their spots under the sunshine in anticipation. But as the minutes ticked by, Jess began to worry. Can the limo fit up the winding path? Are guests going to sweat to death? Where the heck are the boutineers?! I have to say, it’s really amusing watching brides and grooms in these moments because I already know everything is going to work out fine, but seeing their worry which is fueled only by love, is adorable. Soon enough, the limo came around the road and Tara and her bridesmaids stepped out. She looked absolutely beautiful, and Jess, who had been looking at Tara since junior high, looked like she was seeing her for the first time. They forgot about the heat and said their vows and fell into each others arms when they were finally pronounced. It looked like some guests couldn’t have been happier if they were at their own wedding! Congratulations Jess and Tara. You’ve always known you were meant for each other, and now you’re bound for life. What a happy feeling for such a happy, loving couple. All the best.

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