YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I love fall. And not just because my birthday happens to fall in it (!), but because it’s so undeniably beautiful! And when you catch fall in the Catskills, it’s jaw dropping. I was so excited when Kaitlin and Randy asked me to be a part of their big day in Roscoe, NY because I had never been to the Catskills before and because they were just awesome. Seriously awesome. And since my birthday was two days after their wedding, I made an amazing weekend out of it. October 11th was a stunning day at the Tennanah Lake Golf and Tennis Club where Kaitlin and Randy were having their wedding. It’s the highest point in Sullivan county so all you could see where the reds, yellows, and oranges of the changing leaves all around. Randy and Kaitlin both looked relaxed and excited for their big day. I headed up to their chosen spot and just took in the view. It was the perfect temperature and all of their guests looked so happy standing in the sunshine. I even met a guest from a previous wedding I had done who was very complimentary. Loved him! Soon, Randy and his groomsmen met me and we headed up to their alter to wait for Kaitlin to make her big debut. She looked beautiful when she did! She met Randy and he immediately had tears in his eyes as they held hands are looked lovingly at each other. I adore them because at one point in the middle of their ceremony they both looked over and thanked me for the words I was saying. I can’t get enough of these two! They shared their vows and I almost choked up as Kaitlin wiped tears from Randy’s cheeks. It all went so quickly and in no time they were sharing that first kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Randy and Kaitlin. You’re an amazing couple and I’ll always feel thankful that I met the two of you and shared in your day. Thanks for getting me out to the Catskills as well! It was unforgettable!


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