YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The gardens at Samuel’s Grande Manor were in full bloom on Friday August 15th, for Katelyn and George’s big day, and it couldn’t have looked more beautiful. After checking in with a nervous George, who let me know he wasn’t nervous about marrying Katleyn, but just wanted to get the whole thing moving, I found a very excited Katelyn who was hiding from guests with her bridesmaids, peeking out looking excited. After all the guests had gathered out in the gardens, George followed out his groomsmen to a round of applause! People were so pumped for this wedding! Soon it was Katelyn’s moment to awe her guests and get her groom to start glowing. They both met each others eyes and you could tell they were no longer nervous, they were just ready. I love watching couples fall in love all over again at the alter and this was no exception. Congratulations George and Katelyn. All the best in your long life together!





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