YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

What’s better than a beautiful day and beautiful people? I really can’t think of much else (beautiful food?). And August 8th was a perfect day for Jessica and Garrett’s wedding. After arriving at the Avanti Mansion, I was pleased to learn it the other side of Avanti, and found myself gasping at a whole new space. The only thing more beautiful than the venue was Jessica! She looked very excited for the moment to be approaching and told me she wasn’t too nervous. She also looked busy trying to make her flower girl happier than she was. Update: the flower girl remained unhappy 😦
After meeting Garrett for the fist time face to face, I found him even more charming than when we first met online. He told me to make sure I guided him through the ceremony and I joked that I would abandon him out there. As if! I met his groomsmen and we waited around for guests to take their seats and the moment to begin. Perhaps guests were slow moving because they stopped to sign pieces from the Jenga that Garrett and Jessica brought! Now, whenever they play, they can be reminded of what an amazing day they had! As Jessica made her way down (with a stunning bouquet I might add), Garrett had tears well in his eyes as he saw her for the first time. They made it through the tough parts and eagerly grabbed each other for that final kiss. It was impossible not to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Congratulations Garrett and Jessica! I’m so glad that the two of you found me and that you had such a perfect day. All the best for a lifetime of being together!








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