YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

There was a bit of a rainstorm on Saturday July 19th. And by bit, I mean constant downpour. That meant that Nicole and Steven couldn’t be married in the garden at Samuel’s Grande Manor, but had to move everything inside. When I first saw Steven, I asked how he felt about that and he said he didn’t mind, but he was upset that Nicole was upset. When I checked in with her, I asked her how she felt and she said, she didn’t mind, she was just worried that Steven was upset. Adorable! Both of them were so excited to be married, they didn’t care about a silly little thing like rain. It’s never stopped two people in love from getting married before, so why should it now! After making sure everyone was in and dry, the ceremony began with the lovely Nicole walking out. She looked nervous and happy and immediately giggled when she got to the alter. And the nervous giggles kept coming! It was one of the more adorable things I’ve experienced. Where sometimes nervous brides cry, look only at their feet, or other little ticks, Nicole would giggle anytime she felt nervous or overwhelmed. It was hard for me to not giggle! After their sand ceremony they came back holding hands and when the big moment arrived, Steven gave Nicole one of the biggest kisses I’ve ever seen! Congratulations Steven & Nicole! I’m so glad you a luck filled day which will carry into your lives forever!

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