YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Was Thursday July 17th just another boring work day for you? Well lucky for me, I was able to spend it at Becker Farms with Sara & Gillian for their mid-week wedding! Weekends are old school and weekday weddings are going strong. It really, really wanted to rain. It would start and stop as Sara tried to talk her tiny ring bearer into walking down the aisle and Gillian looked for guests. Then the rain started. And stopped. And started. And stopped. I think it was trying to hold off so a wedding could take place surround by the beauty of nature, and lucky for them, it did! When the actually ceremony began it was lovely out as Gillian walked up to meet Sara. They looked nervous, not about rain, but just about this amazing moment that they had been waiting for. After vows were said and done, and a big kiss was had, there was an immediate look of relief on both of their faces. The hard part was over, and now it was time to celebrate with friends and family! Congratulations Sara & Gillian! I’m so glad you were able to find each other and reach this moment in your lives. All the happiness in the world for the two of you!

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