YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok I finally broke. After over 120 beautiful weddings that all really hit me in the feels, Wayne & Joe were the first couple that actually made me cry during their vows. And as I looked out at their witness and photographer who didn’t know them, but came because they were alone from out of town, I saw her crying as well. That’s how magical  June 25th was. Wayne and Joe traveled from Texas to Niagara Falls to make their 20 years of being together official. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a happy couple! They picked a beautiful spot at the Falls with the water rushing behind them and green all around them, and promised to continue loving each other just as they had over the past two decades. As I mentioned, their hand-written vows were so unbelievably heartfelt, and since they couldn’t keep it together, I didn’t stand a chance! After pulling out their rings, the same ones they’ve been wearing for years, now newly engraved and shining, they put them on each others hands and it looked like a key going into a lock…well after a mild fight with Wayne’s stubborn ring! I’m forever thankful that people manage to find me and include me in these moments. Congratulations Joe & Wayne! I’m thrilled I met both of you and found so much inspiration in your relationship. Also, I’m strangely in the mood to watch Gone With the Wind. Thanks a lot Wayne! Much love to both of you for all time.



One thought on “Congratulations Wayne & Joe!!!

  1. Leslie says:

    They are a great example of unconditional love!

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