YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It was HOT on June 22nd. And I’m pretty sure that 50% of the Buffalo population was at Woodlawn Beach. It was a gorgeous day to play in the sand and cool off in the water. It was an even better day to be married! Lauren & Todd picked a beautiful spot on the beach for their ceremony, and then a perfectly cool and comfortable spot for the reception. Everything looked perfect…including the beautiful couple. Todd waited out on the beach with his groomsmen (luckily in the shade) and Lauren stayed inside with her parents looking nervous and excited! After guests were shuttled over to the sand, everyone found their place in the sun and waited while listening to a 4 piece string band keep everyone in the mood. Soon enough, we left our shady spot for the sunshine and Lauren was escorted down. Guests were beaming under parasols as their friends shared readings and the couple said their vows. Afterwards, the couple ran to the shade to cool down. Getting married raises your temperature enough as it is! And for me, not only did I get to marry two amazing people, but I got the gift of chocolate after. Perfect. Day. Congratulations Todd & Lauren. Happy 7th anniversary and to many, many more years together!






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