YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

What were you doing on Friday June 13th? Were you feeling superstitious and hiding out? Not Eric and Jim. They embraced Friday the 13th AND a full moon and made it into their wedding day! And even though there was some rain outside, they didn’t seem to mind. Inside the Brierwood Country Club, all was dry and warm and full of love. Guests mingled about either trying to love up on the grooms, or looking at the madlibs Eric & Jim created. Madlibs! Not to mention, I found my favorite cake topper yet! Soon we were ready for the big moment, and the loud techo music let us know this wasn’t like other weddings. I’m surprised I made it through the ceremony because we kept stopping to laugh. The two of them are hysterical! Towards the end of the ceremony they had their own signature cocktail ceremony where they mixed up a special Blue Curaçao drink. I wish I was able to stick around so I could have tried it. It looked amazing. Finally, after the jokes ended, they looked at each other seriously and embraced for their wedding kiss. It was a beautiful moment and I was so happy to have been there. Congratulations Jim & Eric! I’m so happy I met the two of you and enjoyed every moment we had together. Best wishes for more happy decades together.






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