YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Oh June 7th. You were proud of yourself weren’t you? Well you should have been because you were one glorious day! The sun was shining at the VFW post in Akron as guests walked around the giant yard taking in the warmth. Everything looked beautiful. These are the moments you realize that all you need is a big yard with a lot of green and a good eye to make an absolutely beautiful wedding. Between the tent, the dessert table, and the lawn games in the back, I knew I would have to drag myself away after the ceremony! When Kim and Jason arrived together they looked happy and ready to start the moment. They hid from their guests as seats were found and then Jason and I headed to the front as everyone stood for Kim’s walk down. They looked so happy when they were standing across from each other…minus some pesky bugs that were hanging around that Kim kept shooing away, which made the couple and their guests laugh. They kept it together pretty well, with tears sneaking into Kim’s eyes for a moment, but her pushing them down to get through the moment. After the kiss the deal was sealed and the party could begin! Congratulations Jason & Kim! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. I wish you happiness and love for all of your days!





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