YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 3rd was a great day. I had two weddings (which makes me really happy) and the second one was between the adorable Jaclyn & Ryan! At the fancy Adam’s Mark Hotel I found Ryan who was doing a pretty good impression of a non-nervous person (that image faded when we were at the alter) and a gorgeous Jaclyn who was working on the finishing touches. As the crowd gathered, Ryan waited up front for the moment to begin. As we stood together, his nerves came out. He told me he doesn’t like speaking in front of people and I assured him that the ceremony would be painless (it really is!). Soon enough, Jaclyn came out and Ryan seemed to forget he was ever nervous. They looked at each other with excited eyes and ended up almost whispering their vows to each other which was intimate and beautiful. Their sand ceremony was Sabres colored which is one of those touches that helps make a wedding your own. Congratulations Ryan & Jaclyn. I’m so glad I met both of you and look, you made it through the ceremony! Nothing but good luck for the two of you!



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