YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ahh Pearl Street. How I adore weddings there. And Friday August 2nd was no different. I was extra psyched about this wedding because I had spoken to Alyssa the night before and she was so excited that it spread to me! I showed up early and waited for the guys to join the party. Ryan had a drink to calm his nerves, but still looked quite nervous. I asked if he was and he was like “well, yeah!” which I loved. Alyssa arrived and hid from her groom, looking gorgeous. She could have walked off the cover of a bridal magazine. They met under a unique, handmaid alter and shared their moment. It was a bit rowdy in the other parts of the bar so the noise level was swelling, but we assumed it must have been the rest of the place celebrating for them! If you saw them you would have too! It was a perfect moment for a perfect couple as they carefully placed their love letters in a box for each other. Perfect moments don’t just happen, they are made, and Alyssa and Ryan worked for it. Congratulations to both of you! I’m lucky to have met you and shared in such a beautiful day!





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