YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I’m sure anyone who stopped by the East Aurora Movie Theatre on Saturday April 20th, was surprised to find more than movie posters in the lobby of the old theatre. Jaclyn and Eric decided to have their ceremony their, and with champagne and popcorn awaiting their guests, it was hard to imagine anything being more adorable. Then of course there were the movie posters starring the two of them. Almost too much to handle! Eric was all smiles and laughter and Jaclyn was beaming as she hid away in the back room. Soon the moment arrived and as Eric waited for his bride on stage, he began crying the second he saw her. It’s those moments I have to use all of my focus to not cry as well. They greeted each other and after that, Jaclyn could barely take her eyes off her to-be husband. When he choked up during his vows, she pulled him into a bear hug and it seemed like it was just two of them in room. Who knew meeting at a hot dog eating contest could lead to something so beautiful?! Jaclyn and Eric are a perfect couple and I enjoyed every moment that I was able to spend with them. Congratulations to you both and a lifetime of happiness!


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