YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I think I’ve said it before, but if not I’ll say it now. Pearl Street is an amazing place to get married. That couldn’t have been more true than on March 23rd for Dan & Jamie’s big day. Although they have a lot of friends and family, they chose to hold the ceremony privately, and then invite people up to celebrate with a champagne toast and traditional reception. It was lovely that they chose the private moment because it was easier for them to open up to each other. That was obvious when 5 words in (exactly), Jamie started sobbing (in the cutest way imaginable). They were so moved by the moment they were sharing and they didn’t have to worry about anyone watching them. They created their own magical moment. When something that beautiful happens, you don’t sweat the other stuff (like maybe forgetting the marriage license)!
Dan and Jamie are a perfect couple and the perfect way to start off the wedding season. Couple that with their love of garden gnomes and you can see why I’m so happy with my job. Congratulations Dan & Jamie! I adore both of you and wish you nothing but the best!!!


This proves that they are adorable no matter what!

This proves that they are adorable no matter what!


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