YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

If you’ve never been to the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls then you’re missing a cool place to watch a band play. But you’re missing an even cooler place to get married! On Saturday November 10th, Kristen and Drew nervously paced in separate green rooms, waiting for the big moment. Kristen confided in me that the stairs were a bit daunting and that she elected to wear sneakers (adorable) and Drew laughed with his friends, but looked completely distracted, nervously gazing at the stairway to the stage. As the two met on the stage, with their precious ring bearer son, everything came into place. It didn’t look like they were nervous anymore, but just excitedly anticipating this moment. After having to chase little Merrick down a bit (3 year olds will roam) they shared their vows with Kristen’s eyes welling up, and sealed the deal with a kiss. Congratulations Drew and Kristen. I’m so glad Kristen found the courage eight months after meeting Drew, to make that call. It was worth it!

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