YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 25th at Classics V, was like walking directly into a fairy tale book. I mean, once you see the literal book back drop for Megan and Evan’s ceremony, you know what I’m talking about! It was very sweet, with prince and princess themes happening all over, and it really suited them. When I arrived I found Evan, calm and ready to start, and Megan in her limo with her bridesmaids, saying she was good, but maybe looking a little nervous. I just know I was excited when it started to see the two of them together!
When the stood at the alter they looked at each other and smiled, but seemed a bit nervous. It wasn’t until the took hands that I saw them completely loosen up and feel at ease. Helpful tip to couples in the future: take hands right away. There is nothing more comforting than holding on to your soulmate during such a crazy time. Soon enough I was announcing them husband and wife, and they looked so happy as they swept each other up in their arms!
Congratulations Evan and Megan. There is no doubt that the two of you were made for each other and I know you’ll have your happily ever after!

September 20th was cute. It was cute at the Curtiss Hotel at 11:30am. It was cute because of the venue, cute because of the decorations, and it was mostly cute because it was full of Jessica and Jordan’s love on their wedding day! This is one of those super adorable couples, and I was so happy to be a part of their day. When I arrived at the venue, I went to find Jordan in his hotel room, all alone except for his nerves, barely keeping his emotions in check. My favorite kind of grooms! I love the ones that are feeling everything that is special about the day. Then I went and investigated their wedding space, and I just about died. A literary themed wedding! MY FAVORITE. I did a lot of that for my own wedding, so it’s super close to my heart. And everything looked so cozy and perfect, I wanted to spend the rest of my morning there. Then I saw Jessica, in her gorgeous wedding romper and let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more excited for this moment!
Jordan and I made our way to the alter and watched their adorable daughters make their way in, with mom following behind. They both just lit up when they saw each other. The ceremony was full of laughs and smiles and all of their guests were really in the moment as well. There were misty eyes as vows were shared and when they finally kissed, it was such a joyful, and beautiful moment.
Congratulations Jordan and Jessica! You are such a beautiful family and I know you’re going to have a full and happy life ahead of you. Best wishes always!

Ok. Some people have to re-plan their whole wedding because of a pandemic. AND THEN, some have to deal with that AND with rain. How to handle? Well first off, if you’re Sydney on September 5th at the Avanti Mansion, you look stunningly beautiful. Secondly, you take it all in stride and acknowledge that a little rain never hurt nobody! Sydney and James were just lovely and happy, and while they didn’t love the rain, they knew they were getting married and that is ALL that mattered.
We started to gather outside, and Jimmy and I joked how their singer looked like a ghost because she had to have a sheet over her to keep the electrical equipment dry. But he didn’t care about the sprinkling at all. And then Sydney made her debut, and he just immediately started crying. It was so sweet and I was glad I almost always have an emergency tissue in my pocket! She joined him on the beautiful koi pond island, and they took hands as her maid of honor fixed her amazing dress. They wrote their own vows, and Jimmy read his which were so meaningful and full of love, and as Sydney pulled hers out, and let us know they were going to be long because she had lots of love to get off her chest, it started to really rain. Her party ran on got an umbrella for her, and I watched Jimmy get soaked while literally not even noticing. He only noticed her and every word she said. It was a really special moment. After that, they tucked their love letters into their wine box and soon enough were in each others arms kissing as husband and wife!
Congratulations James and Sydney! You’re such a perfect couple and that is why your day was extra lucky with that wedding rain 😉 I wish you a lifetime of beauty and happiness.

On August 29th I found myself at Ilio DiPaolo’s for Lisa and Tim’s intimate wedding. While some people might get a little bummed that they couldn’t have the wedding they originally planned, Lisa and Tim seemed overjoyed just be getting married, regardless of the crowd! I found Tim when I arrived, greeting guests (responsibly with his mask of course), and getting everything together including music. I could tell he was nervous, but mostly I knew he was excited to start.
There was a little worry in the air because Lisa’s make-up person showed up an hour and a half late (!), so she was running behind, but when she did arrive, she looked beautiful. Stressed, but beautiful. As soon as she saw Tim though, I could see all the weight leave her shoulders, and she just beamed at him. They stood together and looked deeply at each other throughout, and seemed to be filled with joy as each moment went on. Soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife and everyone cheered! Congratulations Tim and Lisa! I’m so happy we’re practically neighbors, and that you go to have your moment. Best wishes always.

Thursdays are boring, except August 20th, when I found myself heading to Mayville, NY for a wedding! I love couples who have weekday weddings! People get to leave work early, and it really helps make the weekend feel closer. And what a wedding it was! At a family friends house, I pulled in the driveway, and then drove what felt like a million miles more down a private path, until I was in a magical opening, looking over a glorious pond, with massive gazebo (which is not the correct way to describe it, but I’m not sure how), that was built solely for weddings! I was blown away and knew that this was going to be a really special moment for Kay and Chris.
When I arrived guests were gathering and family was helping to set everything up. It was so lovely outside with a perfect breeze and it looked like a movie wedding. Chris showed up and seemed a little nervous, but maybe more just in awe of the moment that was approaching. And soon enough a car pulled up and we knew Kay was inside and it was going to start! As she walked down the aisle, she looked just stunning, and I could see both of their moms tearing up. More so when they were given roses to show how appreciated they were! Kay and Chris took hands and while there were tears, there were also laughs during their touching vows, and some straight giggles from Chris by the end. I like to think he was giddy that the kiss was coming up. And then just like that, they WERE kissing as husband and wife!
Congratulations Chris and Kay! It was a really beautiful wedding and I’m so happy that you got to have a lovely moment even if it wasn’t the one your originally planned. Much love always!

Nothing can stop true love, so take that pandemic! That was the feeling on August 16th at Timberlodge with Elayne and Taran. People were happily gathering (all masked up), and getting excited. When I checked in with Elayne, it was hilarious. I walked in the room where she was hiding out, and she was like, oh hi, tell me how to do everything, i don’t know what I’m doing at all. 🤣 I understood the feeling and assured her that it was very painless and there wouldn’t be any guess work involved. She was just too cute (and gorgeous looking).
Taran seemed a bit nervous and quiet, but I think that’s just how he is…a pensive sort of guy. He was kind of pacing around, talking to people, but seemed distracted and I knew he wasn’t as comfortable without Elayne by his side. But soon enough the wait was over, and there they were, face to face at their alter, and the tears started and the nervous laughs, and the mild shaking. Just so much love all contained in one spot! They made it through everything and seemed so moved and appreciative that they got to have their moment. By the time they were kissing, I think I was clapping loudest of all!
Congratulations Taran and Elayne! It was such a lovely moment that you both deserved and I know you’ll have so much more happiness together in your future.

August 15th was a lovely day at Classics V, where I was lucky enough to be a part of Christine and Ed’s big day! When I first got there, I found Christine hiding out in the bathroom, chatting with friends who would pop in to see her and her adorable twin granddaughters (youngest looking grandma EVER). She seemed nervous, but very excited and ready to get the show on the road!
Ed was greeting guests and talking to friends and seemed pretty calm, which a lot of guys do until they are actually standing up there! Soon enough it was time, and after those adorable twins came barreling up the aisle, it was time for Christine to make her entrance, and her and Ed to make eye contact and share the briefest of little smiles. They seemed a bit nervous at the beginning, but as the ceremony went on, I could see them loosen up and look at each other more and really connect. By the time they were sharing rings, they were really connected to each other and that’s why they shared such a big and beautiful kiss!
Congratulations Ed and Christine. I’m so happy your kids set you up because you’re obviously made for each other. Much love always!

It’s been a crazy year, but a lovely summer. Especially for anyone having an intimate wedding. And that was Sarah and Kurt on July 11th, at Bassett Park. Just them, some close friends and family, and a couple of dogs. Perfection!
They showed up in their wedding days masks (which were amazing and all quarantine weddings need these), and Sarah hid with friends as Kurt walked around, hoping that it wouldn’t rain. I watched the girls share some champagne, as Sarah seemed to get more nervous/excited as time went on. I love watching the emotional stages people go through before getting married. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t what you originally planned, or that it’s smaller, it’s still a huge moment between a couple! When there were finally standing across from each other, it was beautiful. Sarah had tears running down her cheeks as they smiled at one other and promised to love each other through good and bad times. And they are doing pretty good with the bad times right now.
Congratulations Kurt and Sarah! You’re such a beautiful couple and I was so happy to share this moment with you. And I imagine you survived the torrential downpour that happened one minute after I left as you were all outside! I’m sure those are memories for a lifetime. Much love.

So when you attend a wedding on the 4th of July, you might wanna expect stars and stripes bathing suits. At least you should have if you attended Lori and Peter’s wedding at Roat Acres Community Center in Evans! Lori told me they were going for American pool party theme, and she wasn’t joking!
When I arrived, Lori and Peter were already in the best mood. They were excited for their big day and to have friends and family around them. I’m sure the the couple thousand dollars in fireworks they had weren’t dampening anyone’s spirits! They waited for their children to arrive since they were participating in a sand ceremony, joining their two families into one. They stood together at the alter and laughed and joked with one another, constantly stealing kisses until I told them they had to wait a little bit! After all these years, they didn’t want to wait anymore. It was a lighthearted and fun ceremony and when it was time to really finally kiss, they took full advantage. Congratulations Peter and Lori! It was the day you planned and I know you enjoyed every minutes. Best wishes!

2020 is about small, intimate weddings. COVID made sure of that, but honestly, I think couples are really happy with it. At least Audrey and David sure seemed to be on July 3rd, at their sweet Buffalo home with their family and puppers. When I arrived, everyone was keeping their distance, but in a large backyard, you didn’t really notice. Audrey’s parents had their ukuleles out and were preparing for a couple songs to begin the ceremony. David and Audrey both seemed so excited, but still grounded as Audrey checked on often me and made sure I was comfortable with everything. After waiting for a backyard train to go by, they were musically serenaded and then it was time for the ceremony. That’s when they got nervous! They held hands, dropped hands, laughed and grabbed them again, feeling all of the emotions that a wedding brings. It was so charming that I couldn’t help smiling throughout. They said their vows and exchanged rings with lightly shaking hands, and truly seemed to be in pure bliss by the time they were kissing as husband and wife. Then it was time for champagne and their dog to come greet them, having fully agreed to this marriage! Congratulations David and Audrey! You’re such a lovely couple and I know you’ll make it through this year and have many happy ones in your future.