YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

The Avanti Mansion is always a beautiful spot to get married, so I was happy to find myself there on July 15th. Shannon and Edward are a wonderful couple. They’ve made so much of their life together, and I was pumped to be a part of their day. After looking around the beautiful grounds, I caught up with the couple in their separate rooms, as they prepared for their first look. They both looked gorgeous and were glowing with happiness. Nerves here and there, but mostly just excited. You could hear the “awwwwww’s” when they saw each other for the first time, surrounded by their wedding party. Everyone was so happy for the two of them!
Soon enough, Edward, his groomsmen, and myself made the long walk down to the little island where the ceremony would take place. Edward was sort of talking to himself whispering “don’t cry” right before Shannon made her appearance. I told him he couldn’t cry because it might make me cry and he told me that the odds of him making it through this without crying were pretty slim. And then she appeared. And immediately I heard “and there I go,” as happy tears formed in Edward’s eyes. Yep. Favorite moment. Shannon made her way down and into Edward’s hands as they listened to approximately 20% of what I was saying. They were busy laughing with each other, telling secrets, and getting lost in each other. No complaints here! I love those moments. They took a moment to step out into the crowd to give a rose to each of their moms as a thank you for all they had done, and finished things off with a wine ceremony, symbolizing how together they now were. And of course, a huge kiss. Congratulations Edward & Shannon! It was a perfect day for a perfect couple and I wish you nothing but happiness in your future together!


Another beautiful day at a beautiful place. Tift Nature Preserve is a place not to be missed, and with Allyson and Kyle sharing their vows there on July 8th, it was the most beautiful I had ever seen it. Allyson and Kyle are a couple that don’t mess around when they find what they want. After only a few months of dating they knew that their wedding was inevitable, and so they became engaged, and their wedding date was very close to their one year anniversary. True love has no time frame. So they had their friends and family join them, surrounded by green fields and blue water, as they clasped hands and said their “I do’s.”
As we waited for the moment to arrive, both of them looked very happy, but properly nervous. The moments before the ceremony are of course the hardest. All that build up! But once they stood together in front of their guests, they looked completely at ease, even with some tears crowding their eyes. It was truly a beautiful moment and I was so happy to share it with them. Congratulations Kyle and Allyson! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and waking up each morning and falling in love all over again!

Here’s to old friends getting married! I never forget how lucky I am to be an officiant, because I get to be a part of such a big day for so many special humans. Only July 1st, I was lucky enough to marry Lana and Mike, having been friends with Lana since we were 14! Her and Mike are such a great match, and their blended family looks so beautiful together, so I was beyond excited for this day.
Sadly, Lana lost her dad a few years ago and it didn’t feel right for her to have a wedding ceremony without him. So, they ended up having the ceremony in the cemetery, near his plot. Now, that might sound weird to some people, but it was really lovely. The place where he rests is like a small park, and it felt right for this moment to take place there. It was a simple ceremony, where I tired not to disclose too much about Lana and I in our teens, and the couple seemed happy to get to that kiss and get some of the attention off them, and on to their amazing reception. Food trucks and dessert trucks? Live band? Sparklers? FIREWORKS?! Now that’s one hell of a party. Lana and Mike have a big family and many friends, but they made it feel intimate in her mom’s backyard in the house we all pretty much grew up in. Every time I would look over, I would find them smiling, laughing, dancing, and kissing. No matter how many weddings I attend, I never tire of them. And I know Mike and Lana will always feel the same way about each other. Thank you for letting me share in your day and for always keeping my secrets all these years! I love both of you and congratulations!

Thurday 10am wedding? Check! And what better place to have a unique wedding than at our very own City Hall! Such a beautiful building, it’s nice to see beautiful events take place there. And that is exactly what Abbie and Ben made happen on June 15th. When I first walked up the City Hall steps I found Ben and Abbie posing together for photos, ear to ear grins on their faces. They kept the event simple and low key, but they still looked beautiful and had that wedding day glow about them. We gathered into a beautiful room where instead of local justice taking place, a forever bond of love would. With a handful of guests seated around them, Abbie and Ben walked to the front of the room to read their vows to each other and be joined in marriage. I think it ended up being more meaningful than they expected, because they both seemed very moved and surprised by what they were feeling. But they weren’t surprised by how much they were looking ¬†forward to that kiss! They definitely grabbed each other and embraced and looked stunned and thrilled that they were husband and wife. Congratulations Ben and Abbie! It was a first time location for me and I’m not surprised that such a unique couple would have such a unique spot. I wish you the best in your adventures together!

Back to Asbury Hall for another amazing wedding on June 10th. This time, with a lot less rain! It truly is one of the most beautiful wedding spots, and no matter how many times I’m there, I’m always newly impressed. I was also impressed with how happy Chris looked! He seriously had the biggest smile possible glued on his face, and was even a little giddy. This is a man who is excited to marry his bride. Jillian looked beautiful and happy and I could tell they weren’t nervous about standing in front of everyone and being married, they were just plain pumped about it. I was wishing their guests would get there quicker so that we could start this magical moment for both of their sakes! But soon enough the moment arrived and Chris walked up front with me to await his bride. Although they had seen each other beforehand, and had been hanging out together just moments earlier, Chris looked amazed when Jillian began walking down the aisle. I’m telling you, these two were adorable. It was easy to give them a meaningful ceremony, and I could tell they were listening and recognizing the moment they were in. It always seems to go so fast and soon they were lip locked and the crowd was cheering! Congratulations Chris and Jillian. It was so fun when I first met you and even more fun at your wedding. I wish you nothing but the best for all your days.

June 3rd was perfection. There was gorgeous weather and and I couldn’t think of anywhere I would have rather been that at an outdoor wedding. And at Kloc’s Grove I’m never disappointed. There was high energy when I arrived. Guests were very excited and happily chatting, hugging, laughing, and waiting for the big moment. Nikole was beautiful and calm, so I found Mark who was no less handsome, but perhaps a bit more nervous. It really is a lot to have all those eyes on you for 20 minutes. After following around the cutest little flower girls and laughing at their antics, it was time to head to the alter for the “I do’s” to begin. Nikole and Mark hadn’t seen each other all day, and both of their faces were priceless when they finally did. They immediately embraced and kissed, unable to wait until the end of the ceremony. They were very connected during the ceremony. Looking from each other to me, taking in the words and I think really taking in the moment. They added their wine and love letters to an anniversary box, and seemed to get more giddy as they knew the ceremony was wrapping up. It’s hard not to knowing that in a moment, you’ll be kissing as Mr. & Mrs., or as in this case, Dr. & Dr.!!! Congratulations Mark and Nikole. You’ve always been there for each other and that is what keeps you strong and in love. I know there is nothing but happiness in your future. Best wishes!

How much do I like Genelle and Tim? Enough to drive 5 hours to their gorgeous wedding at the Roxbury Barn in Roxbury, NY! I couldn’t have found a better way to spend May 27th then in a magical, wooden wonderland that was their wedding. When I first arrived there were golf carts to drive you around since the land was so expansive. There was the barn for the reception, the open field cocktail hour, and the hidden wooden ceremony spot. I really felt like I was in Narnia! Genelle and Tim looked beautiful and were ready for the moment to begin. Since 2017 loves rain, I was nervous when a few drops started to fall, but it cleared up about 5 minutes later leaving nothing but beauty. After making sure everyone had arrived, Genelle and Tim turned away from each other. No more looking at one another until they were at the alter. And it was enough to make the moment extra special because when Genelle came walking up the path, Tim had tears in his eyes like he was seeing her for the first time. They gathered close and took extra deep breaths before their vows since they were worried they would never be able to get through them. Genelle joked that she had to go first since Tim’s vows were so good, but her’s were just as moving and it was such a beautiful and intimate moment between the two of them. Still, they both made an adorable face of shock when I finally pronounced them husband and wife. It’s a crazy thing to hear for the first time! And that’s why a crazy big kiss should always follow. Congratulations Tim and Genelle. You were obviously made for each other and I know you’ll have nothing but blue skies ahead of you. Much love!