YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 26th brought me to Karpeles Manuscript Museum, where I hadn’t been much this season, and was happy to get back inside. Especially to spend a beautiful moment with Kaitlin and Matt. They are a couple that I liked right away when we met, and I knew how big this moment was for them. I found Matt smiling hugely when I got there. I had talked to them a few days earlier on the phone, so I knew they were excited, but definitely a little nervous about how everything would go. Although I’m sure those nerves were still there, you couldn’t tell with Matt who just seemed happy. We talked about some of the basics, and then stopped to listen to the amazing string quartet. Guests were coming in smiling and laughing, and I had to start asking them to take their seats because they all wanted to stand around chatting about the couple!
Soon enough Kaitlin arrived, looking beautiful and hiding from her groom to be. I got things started so they wouldn’t have to wait much longer to see each other. Matt barley blinked as Kaitlin made her way down the aisle. Once they were hand in hand they smiled at each other and at me and at guests, and again I felt lucky to have such an amazing job. They had a couple of readings that were perfect for them, and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Matt and Kaitlin! I’m so happy you found each other and I wish you a happy life together!

October 5th was a stunning fall day and there was nowhere better to be than Knox Farms! The entire estate is gorgeous, but especially at the main house where I found Amanda and Jeremy getting ready. They seemed very excited and so relieved at what a nice day it was. Their little boys were being adorable (and very good), and as soon as guests were gathered out in the fall sunshine, it was time to get started!
I made my way out with Jeremy and he watched in awe as Amanda walked towards him. She looked incredible and I could tell that he was very moved and overtaken with emotion. But when they were hand in hand, it was a perfect moment for each of them. I watched them react to the ceremony, realizing how it was for them in this moment and how happy they were to be getting married. Before we knew it, I was pronouncing them husband and wife and watching them kiss as newlyweds! Congratulations Jeremy and Amanda. I’m so happy you found me and that I got to share in such a wonderful moment. Much love always.

There was a cool breeze in the chilly air on October 4th at the Avanti Mansion, but that wasn’t going to stop Megan and Peter from having their perfect outdoor wedding ceremony moment! When I arrived, I checked in with Peter, and he was ready to go! He felt no cold, and was just excited for everything to get going. It’s 20 minutes of being chilly for the most important time in his life…he felt that people could probably handle that. And Megan was feeling no cold in her beautiful gown, she was running on love and excitement!
As guests gathered on the lawn outside, Megan and Peter lined up and anxiously awaited the moment to arrive. I made my way out with Peter, and we got to watch the wedding part come meet them, giant smiles on everyone face, and by the time Megan stepped outside, guests didn’t seem cold at all. They seemed completely in the moment, and laughed along with Megan and Peter throughout. Before they even got to the big kiss, the audience had erupted with cheers for the new Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Peter and Megan! You were obviously meant for each other and now you’ll have a long and happy life together, along with the worlds cutest puppy ever! Best wishes!

It was a rainy fall evening on September 28th, but everything was cozy inside The Westin Hotel for Katelyn and Maxwell’s wedding. Maxwell was pretty funny right off the bat. When I found him he was very much, what do you need, should I find Katelyn, don’t ask me questions, whatever she wants, yes I’m nervous. It was very sweet because I knew he was excited and wanted it to be a perfect day. Katelyn seemed more relaxed and that helped Maxwell when she finally appeared before him. He couldn’t really watch her walk down the aisle, emotionally it was too much, but he sure looked at her when she was across from him and they both seemed very moved. They exchanged vows as rain lightly fell outside, which you could see since we were in a glass walled room, and the effect was amazing. Soon enough, they didn’t have to hide their emotions and were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Maxwell and Katelyn. I wish you a long and happy life together!

Two weddings in one day! It’s how I like to roll. So on September 21st, I rolled on over to The Foundry for Colleen and Blaise’s big moment! I had only met them over FaceTime, so it was wonderful to finally see them in the flesh. They are a beautiful couple, and I liked them even more than when I first met them, which is saying a lot!
When they were all set and headed downstairs to get ready to be married in the gorgeous courtyard, I got a kick out of how excited Colleen was to see everything put together. You work so hard on your wedding, signs and favors and decorations, and sometimes you have to give those to the venue and hope they have the same vision as you. Well I could tell Colleen was so happy looking back at all her hard work and that it was exactly as she imagined. It’s really fun to watch couples geek out at their own wedding! Soon enough, Blaise and I were outside watching Colleen walk in, and I think Blaise was extremely shocked at how emotional he became. I’m sure he would have bet the farm he wasn’t going to cry, and since they saw each other beforehand, he was prepared. But nothing can prepare you for THAT moment, and when she was in his hands, he was crying. They took hands and talked to each other, joking and calming one another, and only stopped to listen to their friends and family give readings that really summed them up. Soon enough, it was time to kiss, and what a kiss it was! Full of love and passion and perfect for a new husband and wife! Congratulations Blaise and Colleen! It was a perfect moment for you and I’m so happy that you found me. Best wishes always!

On the afternoon of September 21st, I found myself at the Avanti Mansion, to marry a couple I was yet to meet! Jenna and Alex lost their officiant the week before, so after a few long emails, here I was to make sure they got married! I was happy to meet both of them when they arrived. Alex had standard nerves and Jenna was being fawned over by her bridesmaids. All on track. And although I hadn’t gotten a chance to get to know them, standing on that island with them was just as lovely as I could have hoped, and I felt lucky that they found me last minute and that I was able to share in this day! Congratulations Alex and Jenna! You knew that all in all everything would work out because you had each other, and knowing that should help you live a long and happy life together!

I knew September 20th would be unique because Brittany and Tom are unique. So I was pleased, but not surprised when I arrived at the Hotel Henry for their big day. The outdoor and indoor space were both amazing! It really matched their personalities, and you could tell they really put their heart into their wedding. I first found Brittany and she was still getting ready, but was so happy and excited that it was really catching! Tom was pretty much the same way, but with a little more nervousness mixed in. The outdoor space was in front of the hotel and it made for an amazing backdrop. As two old house restorers, I knew that the architecture of the space was important to them, and it really showed.
Soon, it was time and Tom and headed to the alter, where I could watch Brittany walk out and Tom silently cry watching her. It was a really special and beautiful moment, and they had ear to ear smiles during the entire ceremony. It was easy to find the words for them and before we knew it, they were kissing and laughing and being declared husband and wife! Congratulations Tom and Brittany! You’ve been together a long time and yet have so many more years together in your future. Much love always!