YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

There is nothing I love more than a weekday wedding! So on Wednesday July 11th, I was so happy to head to Knox Farms to help Lindsay and Scott with their private elopement. Lindsay and Scott are such a beautiful couple, and this moment seemed perfect for them. Although they have a lot of friends and family, they knew that this special moment was meant to be with just the two of them. We met under an AMAZING tree that they were both familiar with, and I was able to watch them focus only on each other and share their vows with laughs, some tears, some pesky bug removal, and all the other joys that come with marrying your best friend. Their kiss was graceful and lovely and I was thrilled to pronounce them husband and wife! And then I was even happier to get them into that tree for a photo shoot! Congratulations Scott and Lindsay. This moment was meant for the two of you, and I hope your friends were just as happy the next day at kick ball when you broke the news! Much love always!

July 1st might have been the equivalent to living inside a dryer. It was HOT. Guests seemed a little nervous about heading outdoors, but when I found Jenni and Bob, they didn’t seem to mind. I mean, it’s a small price to pay, being hot for 20 minutes, to then be married to your love. Although I did tell them I would talk quickly, just so they wouldn’t melt away. Everything looked lovely at Fox Valley Country Club, and if you could get past the sun, the view outside was beautiful. Bob and I stood outside, watching the wedding party walk up and eventually Jenni into his arms. In these beautiful moments, you stop noticing your surrounding and just notice the two people before you, who are smiling and happy and about to take a big, spectacular step! They made it through their rings and vows, and I could tell that they were hot and ready to share in that big kiss and then get indoors to begin their life as husband and wife. Congratulations Bob & Jenni! You’re a perfect couple and I know you’ll have a full and happy life ahead of you. Best wishes always.

Ok June 30th wasn’t messing around. It was the beginning of everyone you know complaining about the heat. The sun was in full effect at Templeton Landing, and although it was on the water and just stunning to look at, you might have wanted to hide under a giant sun umbrella. Although when I met up with Nikki and Ryan, they didn’t seem fussed. They were hanging out with their party, having their own pre-party…drinks and wings included. They seemed excited to get married, but not really nervous. Just enjoying every moment as much as they could. They also made sure to stay in that air-conditioned room until the last moment. Smart cookies. Eventually we lined up to walk outside, and although it was hot, it was just so lovely with guests gathered that it didn’t matter. I waited with Ryan who took a bit of encouragement to take off his sunglasses. I guess he doesn’t love looking directly into the sun like he was (weird), but he didn’t seem to notice as much when Nikki came out. They are a fun and silly couple, so I definitely had to tease them a bit during the ceremony, which was all in good fun. They laughed and smiled at each other, and while Nikki had tears in her eyes, I could tell Ryan kept looking away so that the same wouldn’t happen to him. Finally the moment was here and they kissed as everyone broke out in applause! Congratulations Ryan and Nikki! You’ve been on this path for a long time now, and there will be so many more happy years in your future. Take care always!


June 23rd was a beautiful day, but I sure didn’t mind being inside the gorgeous, (and air conditioned) Statler City. I was especially happy to see Jordan and Stephen again. They are such a beautiful couple, so I knew their wedding would be no exception! When I first arrived I found them hanging out together in a back room. They looked so happy and comfortable, honestly not nervous at all. But I’ve seen that before! Since couples are used to seeing each other everyday, there comes a point where they are comfortable and it starts to feel like just another day where you’re wearing fancy clothes. Well let me tell you, that changes in the big moment. And I watched it happen here. Steve and I headed out to the alter with his groomsmen, and while he was laughing and joking with them, his demeanor started to change. He began to show those nerves, and when Jordan stepped out, even though he had been with her for hours, had seen how she looked in her dress, he looked as though he was seeing her for the first time. I think a lot of guests turn around and watch the bride walk up the aisle, but I would also recommend turning back around to look at the groom. You can see a lot in their expression. Steve seemed happy when Jordan finally made it up to him, and it was easy to go through the ceremony with them, knowing I could tease them about Jordan thinking Steve was a loudmouth when she first met him, but we all know he was just trying to get her attention. You could tell that their friendship was so very important to them, and as I looked up to see guests beaming back at them, I knew this was a special and meant to be moment. Time flies by when I’m up there, so soon enough they were in each others arms as the new Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Steve and Jordan! You’re an amazing couple and I know there are many smiles and adventures in your future. Best wishes!

June 22nd was threatening rain all day, but when you’re as meant to be (and lucky) as Rachael and Matt, you don’t have to sweat it. I found them at Holiday Valley, surrounded by beautiful green hills as well as their own smiles. They didn’t seem at all worried that it might rain. With a bag of umbrellas on hand, they just looked ready for the moment to begin. They were hanging out together, but soon Matt headed outside to greet guests and wait for the moment to begin. They had such a beautiful backdrop and I was really excited for them to finally stand at that alter. I hung out with the groomsmen for a bit, explaining suit coat button rules, and mentioning how many time I’ve had to listen to Bruno Mars “I think I wanna marry you,” until it was time to take our places. Matt started to look a little nervous as the music began and bridesmaids started making their entrance. And his face was one of pure elation when Rachael rounded the corner. She looked stunning as her parents walked her down and they seemed so happy when they could be hand in hand. It was so easy to create a ceremony for them, especially since I got to tease them for being math nerds, and they laughed and looked as relaxed as could be. They made it through their vows and exchanged rings, and started to get giddy as they could tell I was wrapping up the ceremony. They went in for that kiss and it was another perfect moment! Not to mention, while the tiniest, tiniest drops of rain came down occasionally, the second the wedding was over and we stepped inside, downpour! They missed it bu 5 seconds. How’s that for wedding luck?! Congratulations Matt and Rachael. Only the two of you could fall in love over Calculus, so there’s not doubt you’re meant to be. Much love always!


On Thursday June 21st I had two options: I could go to my regular 9-5 job, or I could spend the morning in a wooded creek with Josh and Amy as they got married. Yeah…NO BRAINER! So I found myself, at 9:30am, at Kenneglenn Scenic and Nature Preserve with Josh, Amy, their three adorable (and matching) kids and Wendy from Wendy Mitchell Photography. It was a stunning day and we started hiking down a grassy hill on our way to the creek. The blackberry prickle bushes might have given a little bit of pause, but soon we were covered by trees in the woods and finally emerged into the sunshine down at the water. We all hopped into the creek, sometimes trying to stay on rocks, sometimes following little Cole deep into the water, and walked down until they found the perfect spot for the ceremony. And perfect it was! A rock wall off to our side, trees surrounding us on the other side, and the three of us in the middle of the creek, barefoot and happy as Josh and Amy held hands and made this dream a reality. There may have been some crying coming from little humans who fell in the creek, and they managed to parent and get married at the same time. This is a couple who knows how to make it all work. At the edge of the creek they had their own sand ceremony, where all the kids had sand as well as Josh and Amy, and they combined them in their fish bottle to keep for all time…well or at least as long as it lasts since I then saw little Cole add a bunch of water to it…All in all it was a gorgeous moment in a gorgeous place and I was so happy to be there. Congratulations Josh and Amy! It’s very clear that you were meant to find each other and create this family and spend your days in the sunshine enjoying the Earth. Thanks for sharing it with me and much love always!


June has been a wild month. Lots of beautiful days and even more beautiful weddings. I found myself back at The Foundry on June 15th for Christina and R.J.’s high-energy wedding. From the moment I met Christina and R.J. face to face, I knew this was an awesome wedding to be a part of. They were so excited, didn’t seem at all nervous, just beyond pumped to be getting married. I hung out downstairs with R.J. and watched him greet guests. There is no doubt that he has a theater background, and is full of confidence and joy. Everyone seemed so happy to be there, and it really felt like it was a reunion for guests. Everyone seemed to know everyone! R.J. headed to the alter early to joke around and make people laugh as he waited for his bride. He was directing guests and I could tell he was kind of bursting with excitement for the moment to begin. Finally, Christina appeared, looking absolutely stunning. Not to mention the ADORABLE flowers girls that preceded her. The couple took hands and we began, me making a few jokes about them that they belly-laughed at, because they are so easy going and fun. It felt like the ceremony flew by and soon enough they were having that first, dramatic kiss. Congratulations R.J. and Christina! You were always the Peter Pan and Wendy who were supposed to meet and I know you’ll have a beautiful life ahead of you. Much love always.