YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

May 18th was a dream come true. Not only was it GORGEOUS outside, but I had no idea how amazing The Tewksbury Lodge was for a wedding! Everything was lovely inside and out, and that definitely includes the bride and groom. I first met with Bobby, after obsessively taking pictures of everything, and he was happy and ready to go! He greeted guests while Tianna hid out in the limo as it took a final round through the streets before the big moment. It was worth the wait because when she stepped out, she looked absolutely stunning. I needed to take a beat before I began because I was in as much awe as Bobby.
They stood next to each other and joked, laughed, swatted bees away, and all in all made the moment theirs. Before they exchanged rings, they had their closest family and friends join them at the alter for a ring warming, where they put their warm thoughts and love into the rings that this couple will wear for the rest of their lives. They also watered a tree sapling, excited to know that after their wedding it would follow them home and a part of their wedding day will be with them always. By the time they were kissing as husband and wife, it truly felt like a perfect wedding. Congratulations Robert and Tianna! You’ve been friends for so long and this moment was definitely fated. I wish you a long and happy life together, always!

My second wedding on April 27th was very different from the first, but just as lovely. McKenzie and Joe wanted to keep things very simple for the ceremony, so they elected to have it at the Chestnut Ridge Park Casino, which I’m not even sure is open to the public yet! They brought an alter and themselves and knew that that was enough. McKenzie stayed in the back with her family and bridesmaids as guest began to gather in the large open space. Joe was keeping things cool, checking in with guests and making sure I didn’t need anything. I could tell they were both just ready for the moment to begin. Soon enough, I headed out to the alter to watch Joe and the party make their long walk down. They saved the music for just McKenzie and it felt very special when she made her appearance, glowing with happiness…and then immediately covered in tears! She was so overcome with emotion and it was very lovely to witness. They made their vows and kept it together as best they could until it was time to kiss and become husband and wife! Congratulations Joe and McKenzie! I’m jealous I don’t get to see how cute your reception was, but I can imagine that it was full of the kind of happiness the two of your bring to each other. Best wishes!

I LOVE weddings at the Botanical Gardens. So it was my lucky day on April 27th. It’s so beautiful inside, with so many different colors and smells, and it’s so warm, which I’m loving this cold spring! It was the perfect spot for Kate and James to hold their very intimate wedding. Everything was covered in flowers and the beautiful sounds of a harp. I found James and Kate having their photos taken in all the different greenrooms, and they were already so happy and relaxed that I knew it was going to be a perfect moment. James and I made our way to the alter, and it was just us since they didn’t have a wedding party. It really made the entire wedding feel just about them and it’s incredibly lovely as opposed to feeling like something is missing. Kate made her way out, and even though they had just been getting photos together, they seemed genuinely happy to see each other. They had written their own vows and they were beautiful and moving and I could see their guests reacting with tears and smiles. Everything felt so perfect in that moment that afterwards the photographer told me she was so moved that she cried as well! By the time they kissed everyone was bursting to applaud them! Congratulations James and Kate. It was such a beautiful moment and I’m lucky to have shared it with you. Much love always.

It was chilly on rainy on April 20th, but you wouldn’t have known it inside the Commissioners Cabin at Chestnut Ridge Park. That was just full of warmth and delicious food smells, laughs and conversation, and it couldn’t have felt more comfortable. I found Edward outside setting up some decorations and his unity candle ceremony. I was surprised the ceremony would take place outside since it was so chilly, but since it was right on a giant pond, it couldn’t have looked nicer. Although I had some major concerns about the unity candle that were warranted…more on that later.
Guests were helping out and I couldn’t stop taking pictures since everything looked so cute. Soon enough Lindsay arrived and hid out front in a car, waiting for the moment. She looked nervous, but also very lovely and ready for this moment. I headed outside with Edward and we stood there watching Lindsay make her way down, as standing guests parted way to give her space. It was simple and charming and bride and groom looked so happy. They took hands, they dropped hands, they smiled, they looked nervous, I teased them and made them laugh. After their vows were said, they went to light their unity candle, and well, the wind always wins. They couldn’t even get the lighter lit since it was so breezy! I joked that the audience just couldn’t see the bright light coming off the flame, but knew they would be able to light it inside and have the same joining moment. After that it was time to kiss as husband and wife and head inside to that cozy cabin! Congratulations Edward and Lindsay! I hope your day was just what you wanted and that there is nothing but happiness in your future!

So many lousy, rainy days, and then one lovely spring day which happened to fall on April 13th, which just so happened to be Lauren and Jeffrey’s wedding! And they were so appreciative for it. Jeffrey was saying how happy he was to have been able to take photos outside, and that how wonderful everything had been going because they were so low-key. They weren’t concerned about rules or tradition, they were having the wedding they wanted to have. And you could feel that in their energy. It was all happy with no anxiety! I checked in with them to make sure they were feeling ok, and more importantly, that tomorrow when they left for their honeymoon they would be in a hotel room when Episode 1 of Game of Thrones aired, since that show led to their first conversation ever. Luckily, they had it all planned out so they would be snuggled on a bed eating take out at that time.
After guests filed into the Avanti Mansion library, Jeffrey and I headed to the alter to await Lauren’s entrance. She came from outside and looked absolutely beautiful as she did. As soon as she got to Jeffrey he grabbed and kissed her. I told you, they are following their own rules. It was adorable and even more so a minute later when he kissed her again! They are such a well matched and happy couple and I was excited to be there. We made it through rings and vows and after they smiling and laughing, it was time for the official kiss! Congratulations Jeffrey and Lauren! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and endless conversations and being as close to each other as possible.


Well I made it back from Cuba and let me tell you, it’s awesome there! Thanks everyone for being patient with your emails and phone calls. I’m back in it now! Let’s get married!

March 30th was a lovely Spring day. I headed over to The Foundry for Brenna and Josh’s wedding, which was even lovelier than I expected. Guests were gathering and excitedly talking about the big event. I saw Josh outside getting photos taken, and you would have thought he was a celebrity. Guests were gathered around the doors pointing and smiling. That’s how you know you look good! Although I’m not sure he could hold a candle to Brenna, because when I saw her, hiding out in her room, she looked excited, nervous, and gorgeous! She also looked ready to get this show on the road.
Flowers were being set up downstairs, and I guess frantically since a baby shower took place in the room earlier and went two hours over! But these were some professionals here so they got everything set up and looking beautiful. Josh did seem a bit nervous, but he was doing his best to look calm. By the time we headed to the alter, he seemed almost giddy. His groomsmen came up smiling or shaking his hand and I think it helped relax him. But nothing can really prepare you for when you see your soon to be spouse either coming up that aisle, or standing there waiting for you. It’s such a beautiful moment and one I’ll never get enough of. Sometimes I think I’m smiling bigger than the guests because I’m so excited! They nervously took hands when Brenna made it up to Josh, and sometimes let them go only to take them back. I love watching all the small moments. They said their vows and exchanged rings and only then did they seem to really ease into it. It helps knowing that it’s almost over! And just like that, they were kissing as husband and wife. Congratulations Josh and Brenna! I’m so happy I was able to share such an amazing day with you and I wish you much happiness in the future!