YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 27th was a typical fall day, unless you were in Ellicottville at Holiday Valley, because it’s way more a-typical and magnificent there! There were so many different colors, which I’m sure the amazing City Lights Studio captured, and although it was raining, it just made being inside the Yoedler Lodge, with its roaring fireplaces, that much cozier.
I think Justin and Krista were a little stressed when I got there. Krista was stressed because the ceremony was taking place outside and it was pouring, and Justin was stressed because Krista was stressed. Usually the way it goes! But we had umbrellas and a covered space, and it didn’t matter so long as they were together! So as guests went out to their seats, bundled up, I waited with Justin and his groomsmen for the moment to begin. They were definitely teasing him, but he was very focused on the moment at hand. He was just very eager for everything to begin. Soon enough we were standing under the awning, watching the bridal party close their umbrellas and head down the aisle, until Krista appeared looking beautiful. All that planning that goes into a wedding is worth is when you’re finally standing there with your true love. They still seemed nervous standing at the alter, with Justin sneaking glances, but keeping his eyes down out of nerves. But they were all smiles when it was time to kiss and become husband and wife! Congratulations Justin and Krista! You’ve had all the rain luck a wedding can provide, so now you just need the warm snuggles. Best wishes always!

October 26th was Matthew and Matt’s 5 year anniversary, so they figured it was the perfect time to get married. The thing is, they decided this a couple weeks ago! But true love will prevail, and everything worked out beautifully for the couple. At St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, they nervously walked around and had flowers straightened on their lapels while they waited for the big moment. Although they aren’t very religious, it’s hard to deny the beautiful architecture of a church, and they really wanted their wedding to take place in one. Not only was the church stunning, but it was open and welcoming to a gay couple, and they seemed to be having a blast along with the guests!
As we nervously waited around for some out of town guests (waiting is really hard moments before you walk down the aisle), guests took pictures, doted on the adorable flower girl, and reminisced about the Matt’s relationship. But soon enough the moment arrived, and I got to watch Matt and Matt escort each other up the aisle, looking happy and handsome. They definitely seemed nervous once they were at the alter, but after a couple jokes they seemed to lighten up and truly enjoy the moment. They had a Unity Candle ceremony, to signify their life together from this moment on, that had a couple small hiccups. After they each lit the outside candle, they lifted them to light the center candle, unifying them. Well the candle had other ideas, and no matter how they tried it wouldn’t light. Guests thought it was adorable, and after a moment, Matthew simply stuck one of lit candles on top of the center one. And done! United! It was a great moment and helped their wedding stand out as unique. By then it was just about over and they came back to grasp hands before that big kiss as husbands. Congratulations Matt and Matt! I’m so happy that you found me and that I was able to share in that moment with you. Best wishes always!

October 20th was a special wedding day because I got to marry Kaitlyn, when 4 years earlier I married her brother right around the same time! So I consider myself family now! But really, at the Brierwood Country Club, everything looked lovely as Andrew nervously waited with his groomsmen, and Kaitlyn hung out with her bridesmaids, helping her mom get ready. It was a rainy fall day, and guests were happy to gather in the warm space, talking about the upcoming event excitedly.
I was all about Andrew’s energy and nerves. Frankly, it was adorable. I could tell he was very much looking forward to the moment of marrying Kaitlyn, but maybe kind of dreading the whole, have people stare at your part. I reassured him they would mostly be looking at her, and that seemed to help him. Although nothing could help him when we headed up to the alter to watch Kaitlyn make her way to him. It’s hard to gauge how grooms will react. They are watching their friends come down and everything seems fun and fine. And then they see their future wife, and emotions go off the rails. Andrew immediately had tears in his eyes and I had to look away from him lest I start crying! Just so much love in one room. They made it through their vows and rings, while smiling and laughing and tearing up, and added wine and love letters to their unity box. Finally it was time for that amazing first kiss, and to get out of the lime light! Congratulations Andrew and Kaitlyn. I’m so happy to have shared another wedding with your beautiful family and I know you’ll have a long and happy life ahead of you. Best wishes!


So after marrying Dana & Stephen in the afternoon on October 6th, I headed over to Niagara Falls to the Rapids Theatre for Lucas and Samantha’s musical themed evening wedding! They love musical theater so much that not only did they sing songs to each other on their first date, but they made sure their entire wedding felt like an exclusive performance. I’m just so happy I got tickets!
When I first arrived and found Lucas, he was LITERALLY grinning from ear to ear. He was so pumped. I don’t even think he was nervous. He just wanted to get married to Samantha and as quickly as possible. I was so impressed by their name tags for couples that looked like show tickets, their program that was a legit performance program, and how all the tables were named after musicals. Like I said, they went all out. Including being married on a stage. Also, before the ceremony began, there was an announcement to turn off all devices, where the exits where, and everything else that accompanies a stage performance. I really loved everything and it was so perfect for the two of them.
Finally Samantha made her way out onto the floor and up the stage steps to stand with her soon-to-be-husband. They were so happy to see each other they were practically glowing. They somehow made it through their incredibly touching vows, and then, instead of a sand ceremony, had a glass bead ceremony. It had the same concept of combining two different colors, but afterwards they send it to Unity in Glass to have the beads melted down and combined into a beautiful and unique bowl! After meeting back up under the alter, it was time for that big, passionate kiss as a newly married couple. Congratulations Lucas and Samantha! It was such a perfect day for the two of you, and I know you’ll have a full life of love and musical theatre in your future!



The Rose Garden at Delaware Park is such a lovely place to get married. And even on October 6th, with fall settling in around us, there were still blooming flowers and some pesky bees to go along with them. Guests started slowly arriving for the intimate gathering, and Stephen was around to greet them. He seemed very excited and nervous, and I was greatly anticipating Dana’s arrival. A few days before had been cold and rainy, so I was overjoyed for them that this was such a gorgeous afternoon. After Stephen made his way up the stage, I saw Dana arrive with her bridesmaid’s, looking beautiful and overjoyed. Things were moving quickly then, and soon it was time for her to make her way to Stephen.
When they took hands and walked up the stage it was very moving. The look they gave each other was one of pure love. And nothing could distract them from this moment. Well…almost nothing.  A couple of bees decided it was their day too, and were flying around the couple, landing on their faces here and there and causing Dana to perform her own bee dance! You don’t forget you’re wedding day, but I’m sure they really won’t forget that moment. It was cute and funny, but didn’t stop them from kissing as they became husband and wife. Congratulations Stephen and Dana! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and bee-less picnics for all your days.

October 5th was the perfect fall day to be out on the water. You could see students rowing crew in the lake at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rowing Boathouse, as chairs were set up near the water, with the Peace Bridge creating the perfect background. I found Richard getting some photos taken, acting cool as a cucumber and waiting for Bronwyn to make her entrance so they could finally do this! Guests already seemed to be having a good time, and there was a relaxed, stress-free air in the room. This day was about having a good time, not obsessing about little things. As Richard and I stood at the alter, waiting for Bronwyn to walk down the aisle, you could tell it was casual. But that’s why it’s good I’m there to make sure people take off their sunglasses and put down that bottle of beer! Someone has to be the stickler! Richard’s mom was playing music from her iPhone, and guests were joking and laughing and having an all around good time. When Bronwyn appeared, everyone quieted down, and Richard slowly smiled as she made her way to him. They took hands, a little bit out of love and a little bit out of a chilly breeze, and we were on our way. I could tell they were really listening and taking the moment in. And everyone was super pumped for the moment, not just guests, but apparently rowers since they were yelling their heads off. I’m going to assume it was for the wedding and not to get their team to row faster 😉
But as always, time goes so quickly and soon enough they were eagerly kissing each other and looking back at me waiting to be announced as a forever Mr. & Mrs. Congratulations Richard and Bronwyn! You didn’t meet in the most typical way and I hope that your whole marriage remains atypical and exciting and wonderful. Much love!

I really do meet the most adorable couples. And that certainly was true on September 29th at Wanakah Country Club. It’s a lovely space with a large outdoor covered patio, and guests were out there sharing drinks and waiting for the big moment. I found Kristen with her bridesmaids and she looked wonderful. So confident and excited. She’s not the kind of bride to stress the little stuff. I feel like she was of the mind that they were here and that’s what was important. I wish I could teach that feeling to brides! You’ll be so much happier if you don’t sweat the small stuff.
I found Alex in a locker room with his groomsmen, which I didn’t know was a men’s locker room until I was being dragged out of there. Don’t worry world, I wasn’t looking at old man golfers in towels! I just wanted to hear from Alex who was happy with a bit of nervousness and we discussed some last minute things, including getting a key to their wine/love letter box that was locked shut. Once that was open and ready for their love letters, I knew we were good to go. I made my way down and soon Alex arrived, taking a long walk down the aisle by himself as people were bursting to clap for him. I could tell people were really looking forward to this moment. After the wedding party made their way out, Kristen made her stunning appearance and it was time to talk all things love. They laughed and held hands and more than once, fought back tears as they said beautiful things to each other. After having a family member do a reading, and saying their vows, and tucking away their love letters in a time capsule, there was nothing left to do but kiss and be married! Congratulations Alex and Kristen. You’re a wonderful couple and that shot immediately after the ceremony solidified that you know how to keep this party going and will know how to keep your marriage going as well. Best wishes always.