YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It’s been a crazy year, but a lovely summer. Especially for anyone having an intimate wedding. And that was Sarah and Kurt on July 11th, at Bassett Park. Just them, some close friends and family, and a couple of dogs. Perfection!
They showed up in their wedding days masks (which were amazing and all quarantine weddings need these), and Sarah hid with friends as Kurt walked around, hoping that it wouldn’t rain. I watched the girls share some champagne, as Sarah seemed to get more nervous/excited as time went on. I love watching the emotional stages people go through before getting married. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t what you originally planned, or that it’s smaller, it’s still a huge moment between a couple! When there were finally standing across from each other, it was beautiful. Sarah had tears running down her cheeks as they smiled at one other and promised to love each other through good and bad times. And they are doing pretty good with the bad times right now.
Congratulations Kurt and Sarah! You’re such a beautiful couple and I was so happy to share this moment with you. And I imagine you survived the torrential downpour that happened one minute after I left as you were all outside! I’m sure those are memories for a lifetime. Much love.

So when you attend a wedding on the 4th of July, you might wanna expect stars and stripes bathing suits. At least you should have if you attended Lori and Peter’s wedding at Roat Acres Community Center in Evans! Lori told me they were going for American pool party theme, and she wasn’t joking!
When I arrived, Lori and Peter were already in the best mood. They were excited for their big day and to have friends and family around them. I’m sure the the couple thousand dollars in fireworks they had weren’t dampening anyone’s spirits! They waited for their children to arrive since they were participating in a sand ceremony, joining their two families into one. They stood together at the alter and laughed and joked with one another, constantly stealing kisses until I told them they had to wait a little bit! After all these years, they didn’t want to wait anymore. It was a lighthearted and fun ceremony and when it was time to really finally kiss, they took full advantage. Congratulations Peter and Lori! It was the day you planned and I know you enjoyed every minutes. Best wishes!

2020 is about small, intimate weddings. COVID made sure of that, but honestly, I think couples are really happy with it. At least Audrey and David sure seemed to be on July 3rd, at their sweet Buffalo home with their family and puppers. When I arrived, everyone was keeping their distance, but in a large backyard, you didn’t really notice. Audrey’s parents had their ukuleles out and were preparing for a couple songs to begin the ceremony. David and Audrey both seemed so excited, but still grounded as Audrey checked on often me and made sure I was comfortable with everything. After waiting for a backyard train to go by, they were musically serenaded and then it was time for the ceremony. That’s when they got nervous! They held hands, dropped hands, laughed and grabbed them again, feeling all of the emotions that a wedding brings. It was so charming that I couldn’t help smiling throughout. They said their vows and exchanged rings with lightly shaking hands, and truly seemed to be in pure bliss by the time they were kissing as husband and wife. Then it was time for champagne and their dog to come greet them, having fully agreed to this marriage! Congratulations David and Audrey! You’re such a lovely couple and I know you’ll make it through this year and have many happy ones in your future.

Now this was one exciting wedding! Well, two weddings! Pooja and Ryan were celebrating their wedding day on June 23rd with not one, but TWO weddings at the Hindu Cultural Society. The first one would be a traditional Hindu one that lasted about 3 hours, and the other one would be a more American version, with me! When I got there, I was bummed I didn’t get to see the Hindu wedding. Everyone just looked the amazing! The beautiful saris and the Henna on Pooja was unbelievable! When I arrived, the couple and their party were playing a Hindu game (I couldn’t figure it out), but you could tell they were having the best time ever! And the guests didn’t seem to mind that after a 3 hour wedding, they were in for another one, albeit, much shorter. I got right into it and there were Pooja and Ryan, facing each other about to get married again. They looked so happy and it was easy to talk about their love for each other, whether it was from near or far, and how they have stood the test of time. They were glowing as they looked at each other, especially as Ryan teared up during his vows. I was thrilled to pronounce them husband and wife and watch as they happily kissed as officially married. Congratulations Ryan and Pooja! You’re such a fun, happy, perfect couple and I know you’ll have nothing but happiness in your future. Much love always!

It’s seriously the best thing that weddings are happening again! I know a lot of you have been inconvenienced and had to push them back a year, or change or date, or change everything, but some of you are moving forward, albeit with a guest list cut by 90%. That is what Julie and Jake did on June 20th at a family home on Rushford Lake. They realized that didn’t need a huge gathering to make this day special…but a beautiful lake as a backdrop sure did help!
I found Jake outside, walking around barefoot and totally calm. Just another day, this one a bit more fun. The best part for me was his cuff-links. He had the same ones from a Simpson’s Episode where Lisa gets married. If you’re a fan, these were a big deal and I was geeking out. Everything looked lovely outside, and there were kids running around and people just enjoying the perfect weather. When Julie made her way downstairs she looked beautiful and as ready to go as Jake!
After she was escorted down the aisle they smiled at each other and laughed at parts of the vows they wrote to each other. You could hear the boats going by behind us and it felt like a perfect summer wedding. By the time they were kissing, the small group made enough applause to make it sound like a full wedding! Congratulations Jake & Julie! It was such a lovely day and I’m so glad you actually got to have it! Best wishes!

May 23rd is going down as one of the best days of 2020 so far, because it actually felt normal! I was in a beautiful park, with a beautiful couple, celebrating their wedding day! Jessica and Kyle were planning on this day, and although Covid has messed up just about everyone’s wedding, they weren’t letting this day get away. They’ve planned a larger wedding next year, but on this day, at Glen Park, they showed up with 4 family members and said their “I do’s” in front of a roaring waterfall (and some excited passerby’s). This proved once again, that weddings are about marrying the right partner, not all the other stuff. And while I’m excited to share in this moment again with them next year, it will be hard to top the intimate moment that was had during this terrible pandemic. Congratulations Kyle and Jessica. May you see through all obstacles together. Much love for all time!

So February 29th was being very February. But that wasn’t going to stop Ashley and Nelson from having their outdoor winter wonderland wedding! And that’s exactly what they got! We all met up at Hoyt Lake, which was frozen and covered with a light layer of snow. First, Nelson arrived and was dusting off snow covered benches and laying down a rug for him and Ashley to stand on. I thought he was super tough because he was only wearing his suit and I was bundled up with my coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and would have carried my own heater around if I could have. I didn’t really know tough until Mom’s and Grandma’s showed up in little slip on shoes, and eventually Ashley did in her BACKLESS gown. These are serious Buffalo/Canada people! And obviously, love keeps you warm. And I knew Wendy Mitchell Photography would be able to capture that love as well.
We got started as soon as we could, and honestly it was such a moving moment, with the couple reaching out to one another and Nelson’s daughters crying as Ashley vowed to love them, that you stopped noticing the cold and only noticed the moment. And soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife and everyone seemed to forget the snow and reflect on how beautiful everything about this was. Congratulations Nelson and Ashley! It was a magical moment and I’m so glad I got to share it with you. Much love always!

I’ve met Mike a few times over the years, since he’s a wedding photographer and you can’t help but bump into each other. So I was very honored that after seeing so many weddings, he asked me to marry him and his love! So on January 25th, I found myself at Rick’s on Main for an intimate wedding for a select group of friends and family, and lots of kids!
Mike and Tara seemed very comfortable and so content to be in this moment. The room was full of laughter and since they wanted something small and less formal, I could tell this was perfect for them. After the server filled the room with Shirley Temples (lots of kids), it was time to begin. Even though they were mostly relaxed, I LOVE when this moment begins, because that’s when things start to change. Mike suddenly looked a little more shocked, and Tara looked nervous. They held hands in front of the room and seemed like they were only aware of each other. I made some jokes that they laughed at, but I’m not even sure if they heard the whole ceremony…they were just focused on each other and how this was finally happening. Soon enough the spell was broken and it was time to kiss! Congratulations Mike and Tara! I’m so glad that I got to share in this beautiful moment with you and I wish you much love over the years.

Wow what a day! So I have a lot of things to say about January 18th. First off, it was the first real day of snow, and you could tell the Earth had been holding back. It looked like a winter wonderland outside, but it was warm and beautiful inside The Brickhall in the Hollow. I had never been there before and I’m so happy that the first time I got to experience it was with the ever adorable Karen and Greg! I knew I liked them immediately after I met them. They were down to earth and fun to be around, and you could tell, people that belonged together.
When I first arrived (and made it through the squall), I checked in with the couple. They were having a great time with their wedding party, and you could hear the laughter and joy emanating from downstairs as guest filed in. You could tell this was a well loved couple from the feeling in the room. Soon enough though, it was time to get started! I stood at the alter with Greg and listened to him work on his deep breathing. It’s amazing that a couple can do photos together and hang out until the last minute, and yet as you’re looking at each other, with an aisle between you, it’s as intense as if you’re seeing each other for the first time.
They made it through their incredible vows (Karen’s so moving and Greg’s including SINGING), and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife as the crowd erupted! Congratulations Greg and Karen! I feel so lucky to have met you and wish you a lifetime of travel and happiness together.