YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 1st is how I want every October to start. It was the most perfect weather and you could see leaves changing colors over the lake behind Templeton Landing. I found Michelle hiding out looking stunning, making sure Anthony wouldn’t see her until right before the big moment. While things seemed serious with her and her bridesmaids, checking on rings and the marriage license, things were definitely different with Anthony and his groomsmen. These guys were hysterical! When they weren’t teasing Anthony, they were teasing each other. And when they weren’t doing that, they were watching the Bill’s game on someone’s cellphone. And the Bill’s were winning so it was a very happy group. Anthony kept asking about Michelle, making sure he could step into the hallway without seeing her, and mentioning things she liked, or something she would comment on. You could tell he just loved her so much and was so excited to be marrying her! After everyone was lined up, and we convinced his best man that he couldn’t wear his sunglasses no matter how sunny it was outside, we headed upstairs to the balcony with the beautiful waterfront back drop. By the time Michelle made her way out, everyone looked so excited. And that includes the bees that I don’t think left the couple alone for a moment. But they were focused on each other and didn’t seem to notice. Their vows were incredibly moving. Michelle was crying, but managed to keep it together and I’m not sure how she did! Everything just felt so perfect and I was honored to be witnessing this moment. Finally the hard part was over and it was time to kiss. And kiss they did! Congratulations Anthony and Michelle. It was clear the moment we met that you were meant for each other and I’m happy knowing that a couple like you exists. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

September 29th was a lovely day. Especially at Asbury Hall for Sabrina and David’s wedding. As always, it was gorgeous inside, and I love watching guests walk around with their heads up admiring their beautiful surroundings. The happy couple was hiding out downstairs, drinking champagne and posing for pictures with friends. David seemed a little nervous, but he told me he was feeling good and ready to go. Sabrina looked beautiful and her eyes seemed to find Dave wherever he was in the room. After everyone was seated, I headed out to the alter with David to await his bride. Once Sabrina made her way to him, they seemed lost in each other. They looked when there was a reading, and smiled at things I said, but I felt like they could have been in a room with just themselves. It’s a beautiful moment when you can tell a couple is realizing how big this moment is, and that they are taking it all in. They had written love letters to each other that they locked up in a time capsule, and by the end of the ceremony, you could tell David had been holding on to that kiss because it was big and delightful. Not to mention, I left with a present, and what a present it was! Can you really top homemade mom cookies? I don’t think so. Congratulations David and Sabrina!!! You’ve been together a long time waiting for this moment, and I’m so happy that it finally arrived. I wish you nothing but the best on all of your future adventures.

September 23rd was a beautiful day, especially inside the Hotel Lafayette. Ashley and Cam are a young and fun couple that march to the beat of their own drum. I mean, they met at an anime convention. But while they added some “unique” moments to their ceremony, the wedding was classically beautiful. In a ballroom covered with flowers, Cam nervously greeted guests and looked like at some point, she might faint. Or throw up. Or wrestle someone for a Xanax. Ashley stayed outside in her limo, hiding out until the big moment. People were excitedly filling up the room, and I kept checking on Cam to make sure she was keeping it together. When it was finally time she looked so excited that she was about to see Ashley, but so revealed that it was finally about to begin!
When Ashley did make her entrance she looked beautiful, and I’m pretty sure her parents immediately had tears in their eyes. She made her way up to Cam and they smiled at each other and looked overwhelmed in a good way. Then things lightened up a whole lot when it was time for their vows. And Cam, with a straight face and all seriousness, began her vows. “I’m never gonna give you up…” Yep. She rickrolled her future wife on their wedding day. Savage. Ashley laughed and then joked that her vows were much more serious, and everyone teared up as she started reading. They finished the ceremony with a symbolic painting ceremony, and of course that amazing first kiss as newlyweds. Congratulations Cam and Ashley! You were obviously made for each other and I know there will be nothing but fun and love in your future. Best wishes always!

This was a wedding week like no other. I married friends 3 weddings in a row! That’s never happened before, but I sure could get use to it. So on September 22nd I headed to the Roycroft Inn to marry a high school pal who was pretty much always too cool for school. So I think officiating this wedding really uped my street cred. Christy has always been a hilarious and open minded person, so I knew she would be marrying a stand up guy and I wasn’t wrong. From a friendship that started from a far, to a love that was definitely here and now, it was truly a perfect match. It was HOT the day of their wedding, like every day this September, and I was immediately thankful for their good judgement to have the ceremony inside where we could breath. While Dennis was chilling outside, having some beers with his friends, Christy was inside feeling a little stressed. It might have had something to do with the florist thinking the wedding was tomorrow and her leaving her future husband’s ring at home. I guess that could create some wedding day worries. But Christy is a go-with-the-flow human, and she laughed off most of the woes. And I feel because of that, the flowers made it in the nick of time, and a friend had a wedding ring that could stand in for Dennis’ real ring at home. After checking in with some old high school pals, it was time to head to the alter to await Christy’s entrance. And what an entrance it was! I’ve never seen so many people taking so many pictures. It looked like paparazzi. She was laughing by the time she got all the way down because of the sheer number. And really, the laughter never stopped. I joked a lot about Christy in high school and her relationship with Dennis, and I can tell you, this was an audience that wanted to laugh! Everyone seemed so happy and in the moment, it really felt like one of the best ceremonies I’d ever experienced. And while both of them tried to play it cool, I could see Dennis’ nervousness in his eyes and Christy couldn’t 100% make it through her vows without some tears. Of course, that was replaced with laughter as she started putting her friends ring on her husbands finger. Amazing. 10/10 would officiate again. Congratulations Dennis and Christy! I’m so glad that you asked me to be a part of this day and that the two of you found each other again. Much love always.

September 18th was a really special day. I got to marry a couple of humans that I love so much. Megan is this amazing little person that, in a perfect world, I would be able to carry around with me in my pocket. And Steve is the guy I would have picked for her if she had given me control of her life. So when they planned a Monday wedding in Alleghany State Park, preceded by a weekend of camping, I was so in.
It was such a beautiful location. The leaves were just starting to change and the cabin that the reception was in was perfect. Everything looked exactly as I always pictured Megan’s wedding would look. Meg and Steve were able to spend so much time together and with friends and family, that I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t have a camping weekend wedding. It was a group effort to set things up and friends were there to take photos, cook the meal, play the music and of course, officiate! Everything felt so calm and natural, that as Megan was escorted down to Steve, in her cowboy boots, everything felt right. It was a warm day and you could hear  a small creek going by alongside. But that’s when things got fun! I have front row seats to peoples emotions on their wedding  day, and Megan was cracking me up. I could see her eyes fill with tears, so then she would definitely look away and I feel almost remove herself from the moment. Then she would come back, look at Steve, her eyes would fill with tears, and she would drift again. It’s amazing! Steve was just all smiles and laughs (my favorite laugh) and by the time they took hands, I could have started crying. They kissed and everyone erupted in happy cheers! Congratulations Steve and Megan! I was so happy to be a part of your day. The two of you are meant to be (married and homesteaders) and I’m excited for all of our future double dates. Much love!


September 16th was awesome because it took me to the Rapid’s Theatre in Niagara Falls for my graduate school BFF, Nichole’s wedding! We met back in library school when we were kind of freaked out by most of the other students. It was a strong bond and I was so happy when she asked me to officiate her wedding. Her and Steve are such a sweet couple, and being around them proves that oppositse can attract and can make each other super happy.
When I arrived at the Rapids Theatre, I found Nichole looking gorgeous and hanging out with her bridal party. She was so pumped! She didn’t even seem nervous. She’s a very outgoing, confident person, so once she realized Steve was the one for her, everything else that happened made perfect sense. Nothing to be nervous about! Steve was tucked away behind the stage (Rapids Theatre is an actual concert venue), and his groomsmen where calming their nerves with a bottle of whiskey. Although I’m pretty sure Steve was too laser focus to take part in any of that. Steve is a quiet guy so I wasn’t sure if he was nervous, or just his usual contemplative self. Soon enough though it was time to make our way to the stage for the ceremony to begin. It was so fun standing up their with Nichole. We smiled and joked and her and Steve looked so happy when they were looking at each other. After their sand ceremony, they came back for the first big kiss, and that’s when the real magic happened! Being a concert venue, they were equipped for pyrotechnics. So as they kissed, about a dozen went off, shooting 5 foot flames into the air. IT WAS AMAZING! And my first fire wedding. A fitting way to welcome in a new life. Congratulations Steve and Nichole. You’re a perfect pair and I’m so glad that I was able to share in your day. Best wishes always!

I was back at the Hotel Lafayette on September 9th for the magical event that was Rachel and Teddy’s wedding. Two beautiful humans that couldn’t love anything more than they love each other (except probably dental health since they are both dental professionals). When I first arrived everyone was very excited that the ceremony would be starting soon. Their reception room looked so beautiful and I couldn’t help but laugh at their happy teeth cake topper and that for one of their favors, they were giving away the toothbrush and toothpaste baggie that you get when you go to the dentist. Even as I typed that I started laughing. Rachel looked incredibly beautiful and while Teddy seemed a little nervous about the small details, I knew that when they came together, everything was going to be perfect.
They found their way to each other out in the courtyard and grabbed hands looking so unbelievably happy! I do have to say that out of everything, my favorite part was when Teddy started reading his vows and his hands were shaking so much! It’s hard to anticipate how much love and emotion you’ll be feeling in the moment, but it’s safe, it kind of throws you for a loop. And I always have front row seats to it which I love so much! They placed love letters that they wrote to each other in a box with a bottle of wine to enjoy on their first anniversary, and then just like that they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Teddy and Rachel! You were meant to be together and I can’t help but feel that I was meant to be your officiant. I wish you nothing but the best for all of time!