YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

My last wedding of the year. There is always something special about that, so on December 29th, I was excited to celebrate the event with Elizabeth and Kevin at Templeton Landing. It’s a really lovely spot, and they were lucky enough to have 3 separate areas for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception all in one building. Unfortunately I was a bit too early for the reception room, so I didn’t get any photos of that. But the ceremony itself was lovely.
There was a lot going on when I arrived. The couple had just finished their photos outside (brrr) and were hanging out inside with their family and wedding party and two little boys. It was a little chaotic, so I let them to their private time, and caught up with another couple that was there that I had married last year! Kevin eventually made his way out to the alter, and there we waited for Liz to make her debut. Kevin said she was going to take a few moments to herself, no kids or wedding party, and really process all that was happening. It was a genius idea and I recommend it to everyone! It’s such an emotional day, and can be crazy, so it’s great to take a moment to yourself to breath and reflect on what is happening around you. When Liz did step into the room, not only did she look beautiful, but she looked calm and happy and ready to do this thing! They took hands and smiled at each other and had their perfect moment. Finally the kiss arrived and they were husband and wife! Now all they had to do was party! Congratulations Kevin and Elizabeth! You’ve been waiting for this day and I’m so happy I was able to share it with you. Enjoy the new year and your new life together!

Not everyone needs years and years of being with someone to know they are supposed to marry them. And that was the case on December 22nd, when Bernadette and Jorge were married! Although they haven’t been together as long as some couples, once they found each other they knew they were meant to be. They planned a small and intimate wedding, so that their Grandmas could definitely be there, and are planning a larger one next year. Although I think it will be hard to top the beauty of this! Sometime the simplest weddings are the prettiest. I met up with Jorge who seemed to be doing well. Bernadette was carrying the wedding nerves for both of them, so he was just looking forward to the moment and hoping that Bernadette would be able to feel more relaxed after. When she arrived at the Avanti Mansion, she was nervous, but I could tell it was mixed with excitement that this moment was happening. It was lovely in the room, in front of the fireplace, and Jorge and I watched her descend the staircase until she was in his hands. They stole glances at each other, but were otherwise quite shy at the intimacy. They did combine sand in a picture frame, symbolizing their unity with something they could keep forever. But soon they didn’t have to be nervous anymore, because it was time to kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Jorge and Bernadette. I’m so happy that you found each other and that I could share in your day. Much love!

On 11/11 (so exciting), I got to share in Heather and Derrick’s 11th anniversary! Bit of a numbers pattern going on there. And I couldn’t have been happier than to be at the Tonawanda Castle while they finally celebrated their big day. They are truly perfect for each other. They both seemed to have the same level of excitement when I arrived and checked in with them. It was just a perfect way to spend a Sunday, with family and friend and each other and a bunch of cupcakes.
Guest slowly gathered, grabbing hot apple cider as they made their way to their seats. I could tell Heather and Derrick were eager to get started because everything started on time, and you didn’t have to tell them anything twice. As I made my way to the front, I really enjoyed looking back at guests who were beaming for the couple. Heather was escorted down and looked absolutely beautiful, and Derrick couldn’t take his eyes off her. They were a little nervous when they were standing face to face, and ended up looking at me a lot, and nervously sneaking glances at each other. It was a heartwarming moment, and they slowly inched closer to each other as the ceremony went on. But like all of them, soon it was time to kiss and be introduced as husband and wife! Congratulations Derrick and Heather! I know you’ll have many more decades of love and joy together and I wish you nothing but the best!


I first met Lisa many years ago at work, and since she would torment me on my worst days, I immediately knew that I liked her. And I was thrilled on November 10th when I was able to join her and Pat (the best at inappropriate laughter) as husband and wife at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum Porter Hall. What a wedding! When I first arrived, Lisa was sitting with her party looking legit gorgeous, and Pat was already at the bar with friends, laughing and working on his impromptu vows. They are such a fun and easy going couple, and their wedding reflected that. It was intimate and lovely, filled with close friends and family, and eventually, a lot of dancing.
When Pat and I headed to the alter, we were already joking around, Pat mostly making inappropriate jokes, but things got serious when Lisa made her way out. They stood across from each other and smiled as I teased them and talked about the amazing years they’ve had together. Jokes were made under peoples breath (ok mostly Pat and yes, they were inappropriate), and everyone was laughing and enjoying the moment. The vows they created for each other were very beautiful, and looking out into the audience I could see people were very moved. Eventually though they were kissing and heading back out to the floor to start the party. And party we did! Especially with some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had! I just had to get past my legit tears as Lisa and her Dad danced to Cat Power. I mean, I’m only human. All in all it was a great night for a great couple. Congratulations Pat and Lisa! I love both of you and I’m so glad you came into my life. If only your wedding could have been a little hotter…

On November 3rd I was lucky enough to take an incredibly beautiful and scenic drive to Salamanca NY, to the Seneca Allegany Casino for Michelle and Trey’s wedding. So much fall was happening outside my car windows! And when I arrived at my destination, so much love when happening inside. Michelle and Trey are an adorable couple, and I knew I like them from the moment I met them. They weren’t looking for an over the top wedding, just something that fit them and allowed them to happily be married. When I arrived I found them hiding out with each other and their wedding party. The whole group was very excited, and when I asked Michelle’s sister to sign a copy of the marriage license that they could take on their honeymoon, she immediately broke down and started crying. So yeah, you could say people were really happy for this moment.
As guests gathered inside, I headed up to the alter to watch everyone make their way down. Trey seemed a bit nervous by the time he reached me, but all that was quelled when Michelle made her way out. Sister/bridesmaid was SERIOUSLY crying by this point. They looked happy to see each other and slowly edged towards each other as the ceremony went on. They were all smiles and laughs and I was a little sad by the time they were kissing because I knew my time with them was over. But now their time together as husband and wife can begin! Congratulations Trey and Michelle. I’m so happy I was able to share in your day and I wish you nothing but happiness over your long life together!


October 27th was a typical fall day, unless you were in Ellicottville at Holiday Valley, because it’s way more a-typical and magnificent there! There were so many different colors, which I’m sure the amazing City Lights Studio captured, and although it was raining, it just made being inside the Yoedler Lodge, with its roaring fireplaces, that much cozier.
I think Justin and Krista were a little stressed when I got there. Krista was stressed because the ceremony was taking place outside and it was pouring, and Justin was stressed because Krista was stressed. Usually the way it goes! But we had umbrellas and a covered space, and it didn’t matter so long as they were together! So as guests went out to their seats, bundled up, I waited with Justin and his groomsmen for the moment to begin. They were definitely teasing him, but he was very focused on the moment at hand. He was just very eager for everything to begin. Soon enough we were standing under the awning, watching the bridal party close their umbrellas and head down the aisle, until Krista appeared looking beautiful. All that planning that goes into a wedding is worth is when you’re finally standing there with your true love. They still seemed nervous standing at the alter, with Justin sneaking glances, but keeping his eyes down out of nerves. But they were all smiles when it was time to kiss and become husband and wife! Congratulations Justin and Krista! You’ve had all the rain luck a wedding can provide, so now you just need the warm snuggles. Best wishes always!

October 26th was Matthew and Matt’s 5 year anniversary, so they figured it was the perfect time to get married. The thing is, they decided this a couple weeks ago! But true love will prevail, and everything worked out beautifully for the couple. At St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, they nervously walked around and had flowers straightened on their lapels while they waited for the big moment. Although they aren’t very religious, it’s hard to deny the beautiful architecture of a church, and they really wanted their wedding to take place in one. Not only was the church stunning, but it was open and welcoming to a gay couple, and they seemed to be having a blast along with the guests!
As we nervously waited around for some out of town guests (waiting is really hard moments before you walk down the aisle), guests took pictures, doted on the adorable flower girl, and reminisced about the Matt’s relationship. But soon enough the moment arrived, and I got to watch Matt and Matt escort each other up the aisle, looking happy and handsome. They definitely seemed nervous once they were at the alter, but after a couple jokes they seemed to lighten up and truly enjoy the moment. They had a Unity Candle ceremony, to signify their life together from this moment on, that had a couple small hiccups. After they each lit the outside candle, they lifted them to light the center candle, unifying them. Well the candle had other ideas, and no matter how they tried it wouldn’t light. Guests thought it was adorable, and after a moment, Matthew simply stuck one of lit candles on top of the center one. And done! United! It was a great moment and helped their wedding stand out as unique. By then it was just about over and they came back to grasp hands before that big kiss as husbands. Congratulations Matt and Matt! I’m so happy that you found me and that I was able to share in that moment with you. Best wishes always!