YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 2nd sounds like a fall wedding, but it was all summer in Buffalo, and gorgeous at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. Danielle and Rick were there, eagerly awaiting their big moment. Danielle looking beautiful, hid out with her party downstairs. Rick was kind of on his own, and decided to head to a room behind the alter for some alone and quiet time before everything became crazy. He looked happily nervous and I liked that he wanted a moment to take everything in by himself. Eventually though, it was time to begin, so I got Rick and we headed to the alter to await Danielle. When she did come out, he somehow looked calmer and more nervous at the same time! I don’t even know how to explain it. They were so happy to see each other though, that they just about kissed at the alter! They went in for it, but then I saw Danielle realize, oh that’s for the end! It was really adorable and people laughed along with them. It was pretty steamy inside the building, but Danielle even reached out to dry the sweat from Rick’s brow. If that’s not love people, tell me what is! They listened to their readings with smiles and repeated their vows with clutched hands, and soon enough I was pronouncing them married! Congratulations Rick and Danielle! You’re such a well matched couple that I know there will be nothing by joy in your future. Best wishes always!

Backyard weddings can be amazing. And on September 1st, I was at one of the more amazing ones! Laura and John have a HUGE backyard (I didn’t know yards could be so big), so they set up a huge tent and invited all of their friends to share in their wedding bliss. It was a beautiful day in Alden, a little hot in the sunshine, but John didn’t seem to mind as he greeted guests. They were getting married under a giant willow tree that although John felt bad he had trimmed too much, it still looked like an absolutely perfect spot. Laura was still getting ready and as one friend tried to take a picture of her, she immediately started crying. I love emotional brides! She was wearing her heart on her sleeve and couldn’t help it! After making sure the ring bearer Lola was ready to go (she had her leash on, so she was), I headed deep into the yard with John to await their wedding party and of course, Laura. When she came out John only had eyes for her and I could tell they just wanted to stop and hug, but they got through it! There were tears and laughs, but everything was heartfelt and it felt too soon when Laura’s son stepped in to pronounce them husband and wife. The kiss looked like a long time coming! Congratulations John and Laura! I’m so happy you found each other and me and I know you’ll have a long, happy life together.

August 25th was amazing. It was beautiful outside, especially at the Hayloft in the Grove. It’s truly a gorgeous place to get married. A rustic barn, flower-filled outdoor space…a dream! And I’m so happy it’s where Anna and Ben decided to say their I do’s, because it fit them perfectly.
I found Ben greeting excited guests when I first arrived and he had a case of the nerves. He wanted to double check that he didn’t have to have his vows memorized (I’m not evil) and had a little bit of that deer in headlights look. I went to find Anna who saw me, smiled, and then nervously asked if she was supposed to memorize her vows. Perfect couple, amirite? As guests started to take their seats, I headed up front with Ben to await their party and of course, his bride. When the doors opened and Anna appeared, it was a real moment. She looked stunning and Ben’s nerves seemed to wash away in that moment. They took hands and smiled at each other as the ceremony began. Sometimes I can tell couples aren’t really taking in what I’m saying because they are so focused on each other, and this was one of those moments. I sure don’t mind though, because I love watching it happen. They sealed up their wine bottle and love letters for their first anniversary, and before we knew it they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Ben and Anna! I’m so happy your married life gets to start and I wish you nothing but happiness in your future!

August 10th was a perfect day for a perfect wedding. The weather, venue, and couple were all beautiful and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else but Becker Farms for Colleen and Matthew’s big day. After scoping out their decorations and such, I found the couple enjoying a drink, away from everyone, and mentally preparing for their big moment. They seemed a little nervous, but happy to be hanging out with each other. It’s another reason I love the first look, because they you can spend the rest of the time together, and not alone missing your person and wondering what they’re doing. We checked up on some last minute things (where were those Wine/Love Letter Box letters…), but it all came together and soon it was time to line up and get ready to head out. As the whole party gathered together, I loved watching them interact as old friends and new friends with family all mixed in. Everyone is happy and excited and it’s a pretty unique moment that maybe would never happen if we weren’t at a wedding.
Matt and I headed to the alter to watch the bridal party come out, including adorable flower girls, and finally Colleen made her stunning entrance. They took hands and smiled at each other and had happy tears and laughter and some mild bee swatting to boot. They promised to love and take care of each other for all time, and I knew it was a special moment. Soon enough though it was time to kiss, and you realize in that moment how quickly weddings fly by. Congratulations Matt and Colleen! You really are a wonderful couple and I know you’ll have a happy life together. Now get on those missing letters!

Sundays can prove to be a pretty dull evening, so why not throw a wedding on one of them?! That’s what Katie and David did on August 5th at the Hotel Lafayette. I might have been sweating a bit for their 6pm wedding since I had a flight (last minute thing) at 8:50 that night, but everything was smooth and wonderful.
I found the happy couple in their rooms getting ready. They seemed pretty chill and honestly like they were having a good time already. I watched Katie and her bridesmaids pose for some pictures, and their reception room looked amazing. All we needed was to survive the very, very warm night in the courtyard and this would be a complete success. Guests started gathering and it was a happy and chatty bunch. There were hugs and laughs and I could tell everyone was very excited for this evening to start. And soon enough, David and I were standing there, watching Katie walk down the aisle and into his hands. They looked happy to see each other and I began the ceremony, adding a joke in that made them both look at me wide eyed before they burst out laughing. I think they actually missed the next 4 sentences I said because they kept joking more with each other about what I said. It was a perfect moment and I was happy to be a part of it. Finally though, with the warm air blowing around them, they were drawn to each other for their first kiss as husband and wife. Congratulations Dave and Katie! I know you’ll have a long and happy life ahead of you, and I wish you nothing but the best!


August 4th was a perfect summers day. It was warm and sunny, and I was surrounded by flowers in the rose garden at Delaware Park. I found Justin right away, swarmed by guests, but with a look of mild bewilderment on his face. The day was here! He was going to get to marry Alli in just a little while. His energy and oozing love made everyone feel happy, and you could tell that it was going to be a beautiful ceremony, and an amazing party! They had a guitarist and violinist that sounded incredible, and I could have sat outside and just listened to them for hours! But soon enough, I saw Alli get dropped off and head inside to hide herself from Justin. He made sure to look in every direction except the one she was coming from so that he didn’t spoil that surprise. And I’m glad he did because had he seen her beforehand, he might now have cried as much as she did when he first caught a glimpse of her coming up the aisle. It was such a beautiful, raw moment and you could tell that they were a special couple. They were both nervous to be in the limelight, especially Alli who I could tell was soooo happy to be getting married, but soooo ready to be off the stage and back on level with everyone else. They made it through vows and rings and then I could see the relief flood their eyes as the realized it was time to kiss as Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Justin and Allison! You’re a wonderful couple and I know you have a long and happy life together ahead of you. Best wishes always!