YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Intimate and beautiful. That is really all I can say about Abby & Jeff’s wedding on March 6th at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House. They are a beautiful couple, in a beautiful space, with a beautiful love for each other. They knew they wanted to be married and that they only needed the two of them there for it to be a perfect. It felt like such an honor that they chose me to share this private moment with them. They looked at each other with so much love and happiness and in that moment I knew it was absolutely correct that it was just them, because they wouldn’t have noticed anyone else anyway. Congratulations Jeff and Abby! You’re such a spectacular couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!

Pam and Tom immediately knew what they wanted for their wedding. A small, intimate ceremony at the beautiful Botanical Gardens on a Thursday afternoon, with their closest people and of course, their huge St. Bernard dog, Cooper! And it truly was a perfect moment. As I watched them hold hands (and a leash), I saw them become more emotional than they anticipated. I sometimes think that people assume since it’s a small wedding without all the bells and whistles, they will casually walk through it, but then you start listening to the words and thinking about your partner and THAT’S IT! The tears begin and I watch emotion sweep over them. It was truly a lovely moment and I got many, many dog pets. Congratulations Tom and Pam! I see such love and happiness in your future. Take care!

February 26th I found myself at The Sterling at Arrowhead for Kelly & Chris’s wedding. They are a couple who knew what they wanted immediately after meeting and I knew how special this moment would be for them. Kelly looked stunning in her dress and Chris was all pumped up, I think ready for this moment hours after first meeting Kelly. It was of course an emotional moment, I saw Chris really trying to hold it together, and honestly, WE ALL WERE once they started reading their vows. That one took some skill on my part, because they were so moving and I’m not sure how their families kept it together! All in all it was a spectacular moment, that was topped by their first married kiss! Congratulations Chris and Kelly! It was a moment as beautiful as the two of you, and I’m happy I got to share in it. Much love!

When the couple is as cute as these two, you don’t mind heading out on cold February 5th for a wedding. Especially when it’s cozy as heck at the Avanti Mansion. I found Allison and Jhon, both beaming and looking super happy. They also seemed pretty relaxed (unless I had a question and then Jhon was texting Allsion for the correct answer. ALL grooms take note), and ready to get married! Allison looked so beautiful as she made her way down the long staircase as Jhon watched her. Even though moments before we were lightly joking about grooms getting choked up, there was Jhon, wiping tears from his eyes. They shared such personal and beautiful vows and when I looked out into the crowd, I could see how moved everyone was. Soon enough, before I started crying, they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Jhon and Allison. It was such a please to share in your day and I wish you a life time of happiness!

January 15th was special not only because it was my first wedding of 2022, but because I got to share it with an amazing couple that I married once before! During the height of the pandemic, Catherine and Vincent said their “i do’s” in a very intimate setting and this time, they wanted to share their love with friends and family. So I joined them again, this time at Pearl Street, and we celebrated in style! It really meant a lot to be a part of this moment again and even though they were married, and even though a few of these words they had heard before, you could see their love and appreciation in their smiles and in Catherine’s tears. Congratulations to both of you. I sure hope there is a renewal in the future that I get to be a part of. Thank you for starting my year off in the best possible way. All my love.

It’s somehow always a surprise when it arrives, but on December 11th, I celebrated not only Alyssa and Pat’s big day, but my LAST wedding of the year! At Statler City, I found a very happy and nervous (I’m looking at you Pat) couple, getting ready to share their love with each other, and their friends and family. Everything was run by Petite Soiree, so you KNOW it went smoothly, and soon enough we were waiting to head out, ready to enter the room that would happily change Alyssa and Pat’s life. As I then waited at the alter with Pat, he got teary eyed as Alyssa made her way out to Sea of Love by Cat Power which almost got to me too! She looked so beautiful and even though they had seen each other beforehand, it felt like he was seeing her for the first time on his wedding day. Their vows were unbelievable, so moving and meaningful, and I couldn’t have ended my season with a more perfect wedding. I think I was clapping the loudest for their first kiss. Congratulations Patrick and Alyssa! You’re a beautiful couple and I wish you a love filled lifetime together.

November 20th was a very special day at the Timberlodge at Arrowhead for Colleen and Grant. Finally their big day was upon them! They both immediately looked so happy and excited, I knew they were going to have a very beautiful moment. They had all of their guests take a glass of champagne for a group toast at the end of the ceremony! Their large wedding party stood by their side as they vowed to continue loving one another the best way they knew how, and you could feel the energy in the room. By the time they were kissing as husband and wife, everyone had their glasses in the air to loudly congratulate the couple. Congratulations Grant and Colleen! I was so happy to share in your lovely day and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

November 6th was exciting not only because it was beautiful in November, but I got to see a new venue! After officiating for a decade, I’ve seen most of what Erie County has to offer, but The Bank in East Aurora was a new and exciting spot, one that was perfect for Colleen and Joe! I was immediately laughing at their perfect “it was worth the wait” sign, and then was laughing at Colleen’s energy and excitement. Joe was a little more reserved, but he couldn’t hide the excitement from his eyes. Soon enough we were outside watching Colleen make her beautiful entrance, and I think I was excited as both of them! It was a lovely moment that suited the two of them, and everyone erupted when they were finally announced husband and wife! Congratulations Joe and Colleen! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and it truly was worth the wait.

October 16th was a perfect fall day at Notting Hill Farm and I just knew the excitement Cassie and Zach would be feeling! When I found Cassie looking beautiful, she was a bit nervous, ready to get things going (so that the attention would be off of her soon enough), and Zach was hanging out with his groomsmen, taking all things in stride. Guests were excitedly checking out the beautiful space, and soon enough they were cuddling up outside in the fall air for Cassie and Zach to make their debut. They seemed happy once they saw each other out there together, and we got things moving! Finally they had their arms around each other, kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Zach and Cassie! I know that you probably had an awesome party after that ceremony, and I wish you a lifetime of wonderful times together!