YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I was back at the Hotel Lafayette on September 9th for the magical event that was Rachel and Teddy’s wedding. Two beautiful humans that couldn’t love anything more than they love each other (except probably dental health since they are both dental professionals). When I first arrived everyone was very excited that the ceremony would be starting soon. Their reception room looked so beautiful and I couldn’t help but laugh at their happy teeth cake topper and that for one of their favors, they were giving away the toothbrush and toothpaste baggie that you get when you go to the dentist. Even as I typed that I started laughing. Rachel looked incredibly beautiful and while Teddy seemed a little nervous about the small details, I knew that when they came together, everything was going to be perfect.
They found their way to each other out in the courtyard and grabbed hands looking so unbelievably happy! I do have to say that out of everything, my favorite part was when Teddy started reading his vows and his hands were shaking so much! It’s hard to anticipate how much love and emotion you’ll be feeling in the moment, but it’s safe, it kind of throws you for a loop. And I always have front row seats to it which I love so much! They placed love letters that they wrote to each other in a box with a bottle of wine to enjoy on their first anniversary, and then just like that they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Teddy and Rachel! You were meant to be together and I can’t help but feel that I was meant to be your officiant. I wish you nothing but the best for all of time!


On September 3rd I headed back to the Avanti Mansion for the extra special day of Holly and Resse’s wedding! I’m pretty sure they wanted to be happily married before a new Bills season started so they could lean on their spouse for support! Really though, they are huge football fans and Reese’s Bills bow tie pretty much proved that. After being together for 7 years, they both seemed very excited, but not nervous about this moment. Obvious best friends who are ready to tell each other how they feel and then party with their best people. Holly looked beautiful when I first found her and Reese was just plain excited. He was joking around with his groomsmen and seemed eager for the moment to begin. We finally took the long walk down to the ceremony island, and there was laughter and joking from his groomsmen, which kept Reese calm and happy…until Holly appeased! He had tears in his eyes and they looked so happy to see each other. There are so many weddings I do where I have no idea if the couple has done a first look or not, and honestly I don’t think it matters since I can’t tell! Even if they’ve seen each other beforehand, when you are walking down the aisle towards your future husband, or watching your wife walk towards you, it’s a brand new moment and emotions are heightened! They took hands when they made their way down, and then they started to look a little nervous. That’s a lot of people staring back at you! But they made it through the readings from their family, their vows, and me making fun of the Bills, all in good fun! They grabbed each other for that first kiss and the rest is history! Congratulations Reese and Holly! You are a couple that was made for each other and I know you have many happy seasons years together! Much love!

September 2nd was an amazing day. It was bright and breezy and there wasn’t a rain cloud in the sky (foreshadowing). And at the Hotel Lafayette, everything always looks stunning. Especially the bride, Carissa. Granted when I first saw her, she was sobbing with her bridesmaids. I’m telling you, if you’ve never had a wedding day, your emotions are bananas. And Carissa was feeling the love with her friends and was so excited to be marrying the love of her life. I found Ryan hanging outside of the Lafayette’s courtyard, greeting guests and watching the space very quickly fill up. I don’t think they realized how popular they were! It seemed that every guest didn’t want to just enjoy the reception, but wanted to watch the ceremony as well. Of course if you ask me, the ceremony is the best part! 😉
As guest piled in, Ryan and I took our spots with the groomsmen to await Carissa’s entrance. And what an entrance it was! She might have still been sobbing, the love just pouring out of her as soon as she saw Ryan. I tried to distract her by making a joke, and it seemed to work and she laughed and they both focused in on the moment. And what a beautiful moment it was, out in the courtyard, until half way through when some wedding luck decided to show up. The rain started slowly, and was more of something to laugh off, but then as it increased, the speed of my voice did to! We hurried up to get to that kiss before the new Mr. & Mrs. got soaked, and I think when they look back, they will love that they had such a unique moment, and will always have a story to tell. Congratulations Ryan and Carissa! I knew it would take more than a few raindrops to ruin something as beautiful as the two of you getting married. I wish you clear skies and stories for the rest of your happy lives.


I was back at Joseph’s Catering on September 1st for Kaylee and Bryan’s wedding. September definitely welcomed in fall and it was a beautiful day. Perfect day and place to have an outdoor ceremony, but an indoor reception for when that autumn night air kicks in. Kaylee and Bryan are a wonderful couple. Together over a decade, 3 kids, and deciding the only thing that could make their life more perfect would be a wedding ceremony. And I couldn’t agree more! I found Bryan when I arrived hanging out with his youngest son as he rode around in his “here comes the bride” car. It was wonderful. He seemed excited for the ceremony to start, and when I found Kaylee, she was the exact same way. All smiles! Everything was running smoothly, so soon enough Bryan and I headed outside with his groomsmen and waiting for Kaylee to make her appearance. Bryan hadn’t seen her yet so he kept asking when he could look. It was very cute how much he wanted to see her, and yet how much he didn’t want to see her too soon! She finally made her way out to him and they looked so happy to see each other. I’m sure having their kids all around them was a beautiful feeling. I talked about how happy everyone there was for this moment, and it felt like time flew by because soon enough  they were lip locked! Congratulations Bryan and Kaylee! You’ve been each others family for so long, but you wanted to find a way to be even closer. I wish you and your family all the best, for all time!


Here’s to marrying siblings! I was so excited when Ellie first contacted me, because I had married her sister Marion a year or so before and therefore I #1: knew she liked her sister’s ceremony and #2: maybe I’d be considered family now and get to share in Christmas! All jokes aside, August 25th was a beautiful day at Joseph’s Catering. The outside area was bright and clean and the inside was covered in white string lights. It really looked magical. Plus, they had Harney & Sons tea tins on their tables, which I also used in my wedding centerpieces, so I loved that!
When I first arrived I checked in with the couple to make sure everything was going perfectly. Marion was just buttoning up Ellie’s dress and Ellie looked stunning. Brendon looked nervous, but also handsome. I knew they were both excited for the moment. After guests headed outside, we lined up and got ready to start the event. Brendon and his groomsmen made their way out, and we watched the bridesmaids and flower girls walk out. And finally Ellie stepped out, and at that moment Brendon looked so happy! They were very sweet to each other, holding hands and smiling, and their vows were amazing. It was one of those moments where I felt myself tearing up, and I had to really focus on something else so I didn’t lose it. Those are powerful words! They looked happiest when it was time to kiss and be pronounced husband and wife. Congratulations Brendon and Ellie! It was obvious from the moment I met you that you’re perfect for each other and will have a happy, tractor filled life together! Best wishes always.


Yay for weddings in a brand new spot! Those are always super exciting when I get to check out a new place and see what they’re all about. So I was really excited on August 19th to end up at the Ellicottville Brewing Company! What a super cool spot to have a wedding. It was simple and beautiful upstairs, over the brewery and restaurant, and when you looked down you could see all the machinery that brings your delicious beer. Really a win win. I got there a little early so I could have a look around, and I was really pumped for this thing to start. Soon Katie and Adam arrived and they were both super cute and happy, definitely excited, and perhaps a wee bit nervous. There was nervous chatter with family and the wedding party, checking to make sure things were going smoothly, making sure guests were taking their seats, and making sure everyone’s dress was where it should be (hilarious bridesmaid mishap). Still, through it all, Katie and Adam would smile at each other and kept ending up at each others side. Things aren’t that stressful when you have your best friend beside you. I was ready to go when the time came, and I headed out with Adam as we waited for Katie to make her entrance. Even though they had seen each other beforehand, the look on Adam’s face was like he was seeing his bride for the first time. They smiled and took hands and from that point on were laughs and squeezes and wet eyes. I really did feel like I was marrying some friends and had a real moment of thanks for landing such an amazing gig in life. Finally it was kiss time, followed by wipe-lipstick-off-of-your-groom time. Congratulations Adam and Katie! You two were such a joy to be around and I was honored to be part of your day. Also, thanks for emailing me after the ceremony and saying such nice stuff. All my love!

August 18th was stunning. Windy as all heck, but gorgeous none the less. Especially at Woodcliff Hotel and Spa in Fairport. The view was unbelievable! I don’t know how you people continue to find these beautiful and unique spots to get married. I’m constantly amazed! When I arrived I found Kelly in her stunning suite, getting ready with bridesmaids and looking super excited. Ryan was outside with his groomsmen, making sure that everything was all set and would be perfect for when Kelly made her way out. They are such a lovely and genuine couple, and I felt very lucky to be sharing in their day. We were a bit worried about blowing away due to some high winds, but some teamwork (explained later) made everything go smoothly. Soon enough it was time to line up and walk out in front of guests. The most adorable part was when Ryan’s son walked out trying so very hard to blow bubbles, which is no small task on a windy day. He kept wiping his face as soapy water blew back onto him. So cute!
Then we saw Kelly and she looked gorgeous and was smiling from ear to ear. They grabbed onto each other and we began. They were constantly smiling and laughing and our teamwork kicked in when they helped me turn my script pages so they wouldn’t blow away, and I held the microphone for them so they could hold onto their vows (and because of the shaking of course :)) which were so meaningful and touching.
Finally, it was time for that big kiss and they were husband and wife! Congratulations Ryan and Kelly. You truly are a beautiful couple and you had a day fitting of your relationship. Much love always!