YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Three back to back Avanti Mansion weddings! September 1st found me back at that lovely spot, silently wishing along with Ashley and Edward that the rain stay away. SPOILER ALERT: it mostly did. When I arrived, I checked in with the couple, and they were ready to get going. #1 they were excited to get married and #2 again, we were outrunning some rain. Otherwise though, they both seemed very happy to be there and to soon be married! Their space looked amazing and I have to say, I was obsessed with their card box!
Ed and I headed outside to watch Ashley make her gorgeous walk in, and immediately once she was in his hands, he was all jokes. He would say goofy things to make her smile (or groan) and keep them distracted from all the people watching them and the crazy emotions flowing through them. So they laughed and squeezed hands, vowed to love each other, and kept their cool when that pesky rain did start falling. I was able to shorten the ceremony up by just enough and have them kissing in the sprinkling rain, which honestly looked so beautiful. Congratulations Ed and Ashley! I’m so happy to have been a part of your day and I know you’ll have a long, happy life together. Much love!

On August 31st, I was at the Avanti Mansion for Dawn and Ross’s big day. There was a lot of excitement in the air! Dawn was simply lovely and ethereal, while Ross was pure energy, organizing all things, making sure people were where they needed to be, fixing ties, and being the man in charge. He was seamlessly switching from English to Greek, depending on who he was talking to. I felt like I was watching the master at work, and Dawn just looked at him with loving eyes and you knew that they are that couple that compliments each other so well.
Soon enough it was time to head out to the island, so I went with Ross and his groomsmen and we got to watch the bridal party make their way out. Ross had a comment for everyone and you could tell he was enjoying this moment so much. When Dawn made her appearance, even though he had seen her just moments before, he looked at her like it was the first time. They found each others hands and were smiling and laughing and feeling all of the feelings. After their vows, they added love letter to their Wine/Love Letter Box, and closed it up for their first anniversary. After that, there was nothing left to do but kiss as husband and wife! Congratulations Ross and Dawn! You’re such a wonderful couple and I wish you a happy life together!

August 25th was another beautiful day at the always beautiful Avanti Mansion. Lisa and Marty were there, ready to get the party started! Lisa looked stunning as I checked in with her, and she seemed nervous, but mostly excited, handing me her vows to hold before the big moment. I could tell she was nervous about it, but knew that she would make it through. Marty was hanging out with his groomsmen and seemed more excited than anything else. And I was lucky enough to have a chance to walk around and look at their tables which were marked with different photos of their pets! You know this is a couple in love since they have multiple cats and Marty is seriously allergic. Allergy pills = love!
Finally it was time to head outside, and I loved watching them meet up with each other at the alter. Marty had jokes. He kept saying little things and squeezing Lisa’s hands and she laughed or lovingly rolled her eyes at him. Always my favorite part of a wedding, and I feel lucky that I get to witness the little things other guests do not. They made it through their vows with some slightly shaking hands, but before too long they were kissing and laughing, recognizing they were now married! Congratulations Marty and Lisa! It was such a beautiful day for beautiful people and I wish you happiness going forward!

I love weddings at the Hotel Lafayette, so I was pretty pumped to head there on August 24th. Mari-Jo and Adam are so incredibly cute, and hearing about Mari-Jo’s wedding plans, I knew I was going to love this wedding. She made her bouquets out of old books and since my wedding was full of old book flowers, you can tell we are a great fit!
Everything looked perfect in their reception space. Classy, yet perfectly tailored to their Buffalo personalities. There were little buffaloes all over everything, including Adam’s tie, and it couldn’t have been cuter. When I met up with them, they were simply glowing, and I knew there wasn’t anything that could happen that would take the wind out of their sails. I headed out to the courtyard to watch the wedding party walk in, and once Adam and Mari-Jo were near each other, forget about it…it was their world! They maybe heard a snippet here and there, but they were so focused on each other and smiling and laughing that it was hard for me to remember I had a job to do and had to keep reading and not just fawning over them. After their Wine/Love Letter Box sealing, they came back for that giant kiss and were finally married! Congratulations Adam and Mari-Jo! You’re such a lovely couple and I know you’ll have a long and full life ahead of you! Best wishes always!

Ok. August 23rd was amazing. I reached a new milestone and a new record. FOURTH WEDDING IN A ROW THAT HAD A DOG IN IT! I really couldn’t be happier. When I arrived at the Timberlodge at Arrowhead for Jessica and Tylor’s wedding, I was greeting by a little wiener dog in a tutu. This is my life and I’m really happy about it.
I checked in with Jessica when I arrived who was very excited and had amazing hair. I asked where Tylor was and she directed me and warned me that he was already in tears. I love an emotional groom so much, so there was a lot to love in Tylor. He was hanging with his groomsmen and immeditaly warned me that he wasn’t done crying, so I knew I had to brace myself for the adorableness that was coming. We headed out to the alter and watched the wedding party make their way out (wiener dog Ella included), and as soon as Tylor saw Jessica, he was all tears. They were both so moved by the beauty of the moment, I looked out and saw that it was moving the whole audience. What a day! It wasn’t easy but they made it through their beautiful vows to each other and I could tell were so excited to kiss and to finally be married! Congratulations Tylor and Jessica! There is no doubt that you were made for each other and I wish you a long and happy life together!

Oh how I love me a backyard wedding! And August 16th was the most perfect day for one. I headed over to Sarah and Tim’s lovely home (with so many tomato plants), and excitedly waited for their ceremony to begin. It was such a stress-free moment, with Sarah going to get ready, Tim picking out the wine bottles for their unity ceremony, and pups Pai and Bria taking in all the action. They decided to have the ceremony in front of their amazing vegetable garden (I’m telling you, tomatoes for days), and it was charming and intimate and perfect for the two of them. Tim and I made our way in front of guests, and Sarah was escorted out and they both beamed at each other. Weddings like this are really nice because there is less pressure on the couple, so they get a change to listen more to what is being said and are able to react to it, either laughing or making faces at each other or squeezing hands. They combined white and red wine as a symbol of unity, and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Timothy and Sarah! It was a perfect afternoon and I’m so happy that I got to spend it with the two of you. Best wishes!

Thank you world for providing me with all of these weddings with dogs. I’ve had a good run of them and August 10th, at the Buffalo History Museum was no exception. I found Holly and Mike outside in the sunshine when I arrived, both looking beautiful (but hard to top pup Hunter), and so excited for everything to begin. It was an intimate wedding and guests slowly gathered as the band played tunes to get everyone in the mood. Mike seemed a little bit nervous, but it only takes a few of Holly’s very positive smiles to make everyone feel comfortable. We stood outside and watched the wedding party walk up the grand steps and take their place, and even though I had already seen Holly, she looked even lovelier as she made her way to her future husband. They smiled at each other and made it through that emotional moment that you can never be sure how you’ll handle. They finished their unity ceremony and by the time they came back together to take hands, I could feel and stress leave them to replaced by pure joy. Moments later they were covered with streamers and guests happily congratulated them! Congratulations Mike and Holly! You’re such a wonderful couple and I wish you nothing but the best on your future together!