YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok. I can’t talk about June 15th without talking about the rain. The light sprinkling that turned into terrential downpour! And at the Avanti Mansion, I could feel Leah’s nerves as she looked out the window at her outdoor ceremony and began to fret. At first we thought we could still do it outside. Maybe it would mist on people, so what! And then the sky opened and that was off the table. Luckily for Brendan and Leah, the reception was in an amazing tent, so moving the ceremony inside there was no sweat. And luckily, the rain ended up giving the entire wedding this crazy romantic vibe, as you could hear it on the tent, and we realized that this wasn’t such a terrible thing to happen.
After Leah felt better about everything, Brendan and I made our way to the front of the tent to watch the party walk out. Everyone still looked so happy to be a part of this moment, and Leah still looked just as beautiful as she made her way out. The couple held hands and occasionally would look out the clear sided tent at the downpour, and then look back and smile at each other. It was almost like their own inside joke at this point. They made it through their vows until the big kiss at the end, that moment you realize that getting married is the only thing that matters! Congratulations Brendan and Leah! It was truly a magical day and I’m glad I got to spend it with the two of you. Best wishes always!


On June 8th I was on my way to The Foundry for Lisa and Jillian’s wedding. I loved them immediately when I first met them. So adorably matched, I knew how much their relationship meant to them and how excited they were to become wives! I first found Jillian in the halls, kind of running around checking on things and greeting guests. Lisa was in their room getting the finishing touches put on, and she looked so happy and beautiful when I checked in with her. Both ladies were ready to get the show on the road. Their inside space looked amazing, but they were lucky enough to have such a beautiful day, they could have the ceremony in the courtyard. I headed out there and got to watch Jillian first and then Lisa make their way out. They were very emotional when they saw each other, but nothing could have prepared me for their vows. I mean, I need to start carrying tissues! It was like it was only the two of them there as they shared their deepest feelings, and you could really feel how much they meant to each other. Their friend came up to hand them their rings, and after that it lightened up as they knew they would be kissing before long. And so they did, joined forever in marriage and the crowd erupted! Congratulations Jill and Lisa! I’m so happy that I was a part of this beautiful moment and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


I don’t pick favorite couples, but if I did, Pam & Dave are right at the top of the list. It doesn’t hurt that Dave and I bowl on the same nights, so we got some extra hang time before June 7th, a perfect wedding day. Well sort of a wedding day. Pam didn’t want to call it that. More of a, hey-let’s-hang-out-and-have-drinks-and-oh-i-got-married sort of thing. It was perfect for them and Big Ditch was a perfect spot. It really just felt like close friends and family hanging out and having a couple beers. It felt low key, intimate, and lovely. I could tell Pam was getting a little bit nervous, but she was mostly excited and she and Dave kept checking in with each other. After waiting for guests to arrive, it was time to get this non-wedding-party started. They immediately looked so happy standing there with me. I think I was beaming from ear to ear to get to be a part of this moment. Early in the ceremony they had a reading, and it was my favorite part. They had many different friends and family share one line from the reading, and it was great watching the microphone being passed around the room to different people, all saying a bit. The last two lines were for Pam and Dave, and it took Dave a beat or two to even get it out because he was so emotional. He was so moved when he finally did that he grabbed Pam and they shared a huge kiss! I was laughing and told them to hang on a minute, we weren’t even half way done! The rest of the ceremony was a dream and when it was time to kiss again, it was absolutely perfect. Probably because of that earlier practicing! Congratulations Dave and Pam! I’m really so happy that you found each other (more than once), because it’s clear that you’re meant to be. Let’s make sure we roll a game together in the future. Best wishes always!

June 2nd was a beautiful day and my 4th wedding for the weekend! How lucky am i?! And I was able to spend it at the Delaware Park Rose Garden & Marcy Casino with Catherine and Casey for their big day. Guests were gathering in the garden as Casey chatted with family and guests and Catherine hid downstairs. They both seemed a little nervous, but mostly ready to do this. The casino looked perfect for them and I knew it was going to be a great day. As their saxophonist jammed in the gazebo, guests greeted each other and kept looking back to the casino, excited for Casey and Catherine to make their entrance. Soon enough it was time, and I watched Casey make his way out with this parents, and then turn to watch his bride make her way down. They took hands and happily stared at each other as I began speaking. They had beautiful readings throughout and you could tell it meant a lot to them to have their family and friends be a part of this moment. Everything went beautifully and they laughed as they lightly stumbled through their vows. All in all it was a perfect moment and the crowd was on their feet for their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs.!!! Congratulations Casey and Catherine! You’re such a wonderful couple that I know there will be nothing but happiness in your future. Best wishes always!


June 1st was my 3rd wedding of the weekend and I was excited to spend it with Jessica and Curtis at The Westin. It was the first wedding I had performed there, and I was super stoked that I got to do it in front of a waterfall wall! It’s the simple things really. I found Jessica and Curtis when I arrived and they seemed a bit nervous. Well, Jessica seemed a bit more nervous. It was all hitting her in that moment. But I knew that once they were out there it would all fall into place. The space was really amazing and guests began gathering in the room, excitedly chatting. Everyone quieted down as Curtis walked down the aisle followed by the wedding party and the cutest little wagon pulling the cutest little baby. You really can’t top a wagon…or so I thought until Jessica walked out, looking stunning and all eyes were immediately on her.
They were both emotional when they met at the alter, but they still held it together. Honestly it was difficult for me when they pulled their vows out which were so meaningful and well written, and I feel like I really understood their entire relationship in that moment. Eventually I’m going to break down and cry during one of these, I just know it. After their vows, they walked over to their sand ceremony and began combining the colors to show their forever unity. They seemed excited after that because they knew it was just about time for that first kiss! Congratulations Curtis and Jessica. You were always meant to be in each others lives, and now you will be forever. I wish you a lifetime of joy!

May 31st was a dream day and it looked like a dream wedding as I headed back to the Avanti Mansion for my second in a row! There I found Ryan joking with his groomsmen and Amy getting the final touches, just 30 minutes away from them becoming husband and wife. They both looked amazing with just the right amount of nervousness. Guests were very excited and I could tell that after the ceremony, it was going to be a hell of a party!
Things moved along quickly and soon enough Ryan and I were taking the long walk down the steps to the island. From there he was able to watch the wedding party walk down, with the girls ALWAYS looking nervous going down all those stairs, and had the best view to see his bride walk towards him. They seemed very moved as they saw each other, even though they had been spending time together upstairs, this moment is just different. The things are happening down there that you can’t even anticipate. They made it through their vows and over to their Wine/Love Letter Box, where they added love letters to each other and a bottle of wine to open on their first anniversary. It was a lovely moment and before I knew it, they were in each others arms sharing their first kiss! Congratulations Ryan and Amy! You’re a beautiful couple that deserved the beautiful day you got. Much love always!

May 30th was making me nervous because they were calling for rain, and I really didn’t want anything to mess up Jamal and Shontay’s special day. Luckily, it ended up being a lovely day, especially for photos, although honestly I’m not sure you could get a bad shot of the two of them. Pure adorableness. I met them at the Avanti Mansion and was able to peek though a door the outside where they were having their first look! I only peeked for a second though so that they could have that moment all to themselves. When I did get to talk to them, they were both so jazzed! Although it’s hard for me to imagine Jamal ever looking unhappy. He has one of the most infectious smiles and he was just giggling all the time! They didn’t even seem nervous to me, just so ready to get married!
I hung out with the groomsmen for awhile, which is always fun for me to be a spectator on a group of people who are just being themselves. At some point, I should really write a book. They kept strengthening bow-ties and making sure that everything was going to be perfect when we started in a few minutes. Finally I was walking to the alter with Jamal and his best man, as we watched the wedding party make their way down, with the beautiful Shontay heading in last. They immediately grabbed hands and had full faces smiles for the entire ceremony. They laughed and joked and definitely got some awwww’s from the audience. I was honestly feeling a little bummed as the ceremony was wrapping up, because I knew my time with them was coming to an end. I think I was clapping the loudest after I told them they could kiss and husband and wife! Congratulations Jamal and Shontay! You’re truly the perfect couple and I wish you such a long and happy life together. I’m so lucky to have been a part of this moment. Much love!