YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

August 27th was very exciting for me. Not just because I got to marry the wonderful Becca and Bob, but because I got to do it at a new spot! If you’ve followed along, you know that after the amount of weddings I’ve done, it’s not often I see a new spot. But I got to experience Kin Loch Farmstead and what an experience it was! It’s seriously beautiful. A stunner of a spot. Not only is the barn and the grounds lovely, but you actually walk down a path into a wooded area for the ceremony. It feels secluded and gorgeous and a perfect spot to say “I do.”
I found the couple, happy and nervous, ready to have their moment. After Bob and I went to the altar, talked about the very large snake that had been there right before us, we waited for Becca to make her beautiful debut. It was a very special moment, light breeze through the trees, and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better for such a deserving couple. Soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife and I was cheering along with everyone else! Congratulations Bob & Becca! I’m so happy you got to have such a lovely day and I wish you so many more in your future!

It was a nervous run up to August 26th, so I was very happy to see Kate and Kyle at the Avanti Mansion. Pretty much only days before, Kyle was suffering with shingles and the couple was about as stressed as they could be. But everything went so well for Kyle, that his groomsmen were throwing him in the air to celebrate! When I saw Kate she looked so beautiful and happy and relieved that this moment was happening. Everyone was excited for the couple that had been together for so long and were finally making it official.
Kyle and I made our way to the altar, sweating our butts off, but in a happy way. Kate made her walk down the stairs and Kyle was teary eyed and I felt very moved by the whole moment. They held hands and smiled at each other, and laughed out loud as they swatted a bee that had landed on Kyle’s head! It was a very genuine moment and I could see that all of their guests were very affected by everything. Soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Kyle and Katelyn! It was a perfect moment for the two of you and I know you’ll have many wonderful moments ahead of you!!!

I found myself at one of my favorite venues on July 31st, O’Brien’s Sleepy Hollow for Lauren and Max’s wedding. It started off with a bang as the D.J. was an old friend from high school, and just got better and better from that point on. Lauren looked amazing, even though she was feeling nervous that her look wasn’t perfect. I was thinking, if she doesn’t look perfect now, I don’t think I’ve ever looked good in my life!!! Max was hanging with his son, very excited to get things started. We all knew he was going to think Lauren looked like a vision, so I was eager to get to the altar so she could walk out to join him. Soon enough we were waiting for his bride to make her entrance, and what an entrance it was. When they found each other they smiled and laughed, and I’m pretty sure entered their own world where they didn’t hear a word I said, but focused on each other and the little guy. I’m happy to be a part of all different kinds of ceremonies, but when I was done gabbing, they were in each others arms, kissing as husband and wife. Congratulations Max and Lauren! It was a lovely moment meant for the two of you, and I wish you so many more in your future.

July 30th was a beautiful day with two beautiful people. I got to check in with Colin and Kate at The Mansion on Delaware for their big day. Colin looked dapper and excited for everything to begin. Kate had just finished getting dressed and I got to watch all of her closest friends and family first see her all done up, and gush over her! It was such a sweet moment, experiencing how lovely she looked through the facial expressions of her bridal party. Soon enough I was able to see her, and she looked wonderful and ready to marry her love. When I was outside with Colin, I watched him as he watched Kate walk towards him, both of them beaming and thrilled for this moment to have arrived. I love weddings like this. The couple is so invested in the moment. They are smiling at each other, listening to me, reflecting, and completely present for this experience. It really did feel special, especially as I announced them for the first time as a married couple. Congratulations Colin and Kate! You are such a perfect couple and I wish you so much love and joy in your future!

I was back at the Avanti Mansion on July 16th for Nicole and Rob’s big day. It was close to sweltering out, but you couldn’t possibly feel uncomfortable around Rob and Nicole. They are such a loving and welcoming couple, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Saturday anywhere else. When Nicole made her way out, looking absolutely beautiful, Rob seemed very moved, like the whole moment was hitting him right then. It was lucky they have some cute and lighthearted readings to give them a moment to laugh and really look at each other and take it all in. They were so focused on each other and I know I was grinning biggest of us when it was time for their first kiss as a married couple. Congratulations Rob and Nicole! I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your puppers, Max!

Ok, I’m just gonna admit it. I love Slavka and Keith! Their level of adorableness on a normal day is already surpassing a 9, so you can imagine how cute they were on June 15th at Banchetti by Rizzo’s for their wedding day! Slavka was literally shaking with excitement and nerves waiting for her first look with Keith. And Keith was smiling as big as a smile can get, waiting to stand at the altar with Slavka and declare his love. They are both so enjoyable to be around. You could feel their love and their guests were so excited for this beautiful moment to happen. Sometimes I leave work and head straight to a wedding, but am so reenergized afterwards because of couples like this! Congratulations Keith and Slavka. It was a true honor sharing in the moment with you. To all your future adventures!

Sometimes it rains on your wedding day, and sometimes it POURS. And that’s what was happening on July 1st at the Avanti Mansion for Krista and Luke’s wedding. I was nervous looking for Krista because I was afraid she’d be very upset and beside herself. I’ve seen a lot of brides on rainy days, and it isn’t always a pretty site. But Krista is the most go with the flow bride there is! Yes she was bummed, but she wasn’t letting it take away from her day at all. She was like, we still have the whole day, everyone is here, and it’s still going to be amazing. That is the right attitude to have! You don’t let yourself get disappointed by something you can’t control. I them immediately watched her change her adorable little baby, one handed while in her gown. Hero status over here. Luke was simply happy that Krista wasn’t disappointed and couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start. And when it did…I almost didn’t make it. Luke started crying when he saw his bride, and then sobbing, and then his mom was watching him and started sobbing and I was just digging my nails into my hand to keep it together! It’s hard to see such displays of love and not be moved by it. And since it was the two of them, holding hands, kissing at the end, it didn’t matter that it was raining outside. It only mattered that they were in that moment together. Congratulations Luke and Krista! You’re such a lovely family now with little Kennedy by your side.

June 24th was extra exciting not only because I got to spend it with Kylie & Adam, but because it was at a new venue for me! After 475 weddings, I’ve seen it all, so I was very excited to see Maison Albion, a breathtaking 1879 mansion! And it was the perfect spot for Kylie and Adam to get married. They were outside, in front of the pond with gardens all around them. That made it ok that lots of little creepy crawlers were interested in moving into Kylie’s dress 😂. But truly, nothing could have taken away from this beautiful moment. They held hands and looked into each other’s eyes and just radiated happiness that this moment had finally come together. You couldn’t help but beam along with them as they kissed for the first time as a married couple! Congratulations Adam and Kylie! Not only did you look perfect at a perfect place, but it couldn’t be clearer you found the perfect partner. Much love!

June 12th was another stunner at The Sterling at Arrowhead for Rachel and Brandon’s wedding. It IS a breezy spot though, so if you love the idea of your gorgeous veil blowing in the wind around you, creating perfect photos, then this is the place for you! And Rachel did look amazing as she stood at the alter with Brandon, veil lightly blowing as they shared their touching vows with one another. You should have seen how happy they looked as I asked their friends and family if they would always support and care for them and the crowd enthusiastically gave a heartfelt “WE WILL!” All in all, it was a perfect moment for a beautiful couple who I was honored to pronounce husband and wife. Congratulations Brandon and Rachel! You’re such a lovely couple and I won’t forget this special moment. I wish you a million more moments that are even half as happy as this one.

June 11th was a beautiful day for two beautiful humans! In the Rose Garden at Delaware Park, and inside The Terrace, Julie and Matt’s wedding was being set up, and it looked amazing. Outside in the garden, there were two musicians playing live music, and it was such a lovely and romantic moment. By the time Julie and Matt were ready to start, I felt they had to because they could no longer contain their excitement! Matt was escorted down the aisle by the Grandmas (adorable), and we were all lucky enough to watch Julie, looking stunning in her long, sweeping dress, make her way out. They immediately grabbed hands and although there was a beating sun on them, I’m not sure they noticed anything but each other. Congratulations Matt & Julie! I was so happy to be part of such a perfect moment, and I couldn’t be happier that the two of you found such a perfect person to share your life with.