YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

I can’t believe how quickly time passes and that the year is just about over! On December 28th I was celebrating the end of a season (holiday, year, decade) at the Hotel Lafayette for Paige and Tim’s wedding! It’s such a lovely spot and it really fit the couple. After checking in with them and seeing how ready (and beautiful) they were, I went down to check out the happy guests (hey I know one of them!) and the beautiful space. Tim came down to greet guests and he really seemed calm and ready to begin. Then of course we stood at the alter together and he watched his future wife walk towards him, and the tears came. I love watching people get hit by emotion they weren’t expecting! But they made it through their vows and were kissing, joyfully before we knew it! Congratulations Timothy and Paige! You’re such a lovely couple and I wish you a happy life together!

Once Rachel and Josh knew they wanted to be together, there was no stopping them. So on December 7th I joined them at La Galleria to pair them up for life! The room was bustling when I arrived. Guests had shown up early and were laughing and taking photos and chatting, and it felt like I was at someone’s home for a family Christmas party. It was really lovely and I knew it was going to be a perfect day for Rachel and Josh.
Josh was greeting guests and joking around with his groomsmen. He led me to Rachel who definitely seemed nervous. I got the vibe that Rachel doesn’t like a ton of attention on her, and she was a little anxious about this moment. But her bridesmaids kept her company, and there was some liquid courage in her “colorful” flask. I knew that she just needed the moment to begin to feel more comfortable. And soon enough that moment arrived! I walked out to the alter with Josh and we watched Rachel make her way out. I could tell they were both nervous, but they made it through their vows and eventually took hands and were able to really look at each other. But not for too long cause soon enough I was pronouncing them husband and wife and they were lip-locked! Congratulations Josh and Rachel! I was so happy to be a part of your day and I wish you all the best!

On November 15th, I found myself at Statler City for Lara and Luke’s wedding. An adorable couple, it didn’t matter if it was cold outside, or if the marriage license got ruined (more on that in a moment), the only important thing was that they were together and they were about to be married! They were hanging out together waiting for guests to arrive. They had done their first look and photos and were warming up and laughing with their wedding party, when I had to come and ruin it by asking for the marriage license. Luke realized they must have left it in the limo, so they were calling around trying to get it to turn back. Luckily, it did and a groomsman went down to fetch it. When he came back up he was like, I GOT IT, and also the ice bucket spilled all over it. It was soaked and seemed ruined, and for the next 10 minutes, he knelt in front of the space heater until it dried out. That’s how you pick your party people.
Soon enough, this was behind us and Lara and Luke could focus on their approaching moment. I made my way to the alter and watched everyone excitedly come out. Finally Lara made her gorgeous debut, and we were off! It was an easy ceremony for two such cute humans, and they laughed and held hands and couldn’t wait for that final kiss. Congratulations Luke and Lara! I’m so happy I met you and know you have a happy future ahead of you!

It’s always difficult this time of year as weddings wind down. Breaks are nice, but I tend to miss the energy and excitement that fills a wedding ceremony hall. So I was delighted to still be in it on November 2nd, for Chloe and Joseph’s wedding at the Tonawanda Castle. I love Chloe and Joe because their first date involved Chloe asking him if he wanted to come see her pig (yes, she has a pet pig), and fate took over from there! They are fun and generous with each other, and seemed very excited for this day to be here. I checked in with both of them, at one point asking Joe if he had the marriage license in this room because Chloe said he did, and watching his mind half explode because he definitely didn’t. Luckily, a bridesmaid took over and pulled it out. Chloe was nervous, but she looked beautiful and they were both ready for everything to begin!
I headed out to the alter with Joe and watched everyone slowly enter, including an adorable flower girl and an equally adorable ring bearer, who I was impressed made it to the front! They Chloe came out and Joe stared at her with a sweet smile, and soon they were stumbling through vows and laughing about it, and taking hands before that big kiss. One smashed glass underfoot and they were Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations Joseph and Chloe! I was so happy to share in your day and I wish you nothing but the best!

October 26th brought me to Karpeles Manuscript Museum, where I hadn’t been much this season, and was happy to get back inside. Especially to spend a beautiful moment with Kaitlin and Matt. They are a couple that I liked right away when we met, and I knew how big this moment was for them. I found Matt smiling hugely when I got there. I had talked to them a few days earlier on the phone, so I knew they were excited, but definitely a little nervous about how everything would go. Although I’m sure those nerves were still there, you couldn’t tell with Matt who just seemed happy. We talked about some of the basics, and then stopped to listen to the amazing string quartet. Guests were coming in smiling and laughing, and I had to start asking them to take their seats because they all wanted to stand around chatting about the couple!
Soon enough Kaitlin arrived, looking beautiful and hiding from her groom to be. I got things started so they wouldn’t have to wait much longer to see each other. Matt barley blinked as Kaitlin made her way down the aisle. Once they were hand in hand they smiled at each other and at me and at guests, and again I felt lucky to have such an amazing job. They had a couple of readings that were perfect for them, and soon enough they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Matt and Kaitlin! I’m so happy you found each other and I wish you a happy life together!

October 5th was a stunning fall day and there was nowhere better to be than Knox Farms! The entire estate is gorgeous, but especially at the main house where I found Amanda and Jeremy getting ready. They seemed very excited and so relieved at what a nice day it was. Their little boys were being adorable (and very good), and as soon as guests were gathered out in the fall sunshine, it was time to get started!
I made my way out with Jeremy and he watched in awe as Amanda walked towards him. She looked incredible and I could tell that he was very moved and overtaken with emotion. But when they were hand in hand, it was a perfect moment for each of them. I watched them react to the ceremony, realizing how it was for them in this moment and how happy they were to be getting married. Before we knew it, I was pronouncing them husband and wife and watching them kiss as newlyweds! Congratulations Jeremy and Amanda. I’m so happy you found me and that I got to share in such a wonderful moment. Much love always.