YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Ok, let me tell you, April 28th was a blast! I was lucky enough to find myself at 500 Pearl for Stephanie and Charles wedding! I know Stephanie, who is a wedding photographer (smwphotography), simply from so many weddings we’ve shared. And after getting to know each other a bit, she decided that she wanted me to marry her and her husband and I was honored! What I didn’t know is how much the two of them would make me laugh!
When I first arrived, Stephanie was nervous…with a large splash of anxious. I was surprised because Charles couldn’t have possibly been more chill, and after so many weddings I figured this would be commonplace for Stephanie. I. Was. Wrong. She immediately told me to start cutting out chunks of the ceremony to make it shorter which was hilarious and which I of course did (and more on the fly while I was performing the ceremony) and was explaining how much she hated being in front of people. I truly understood as soon as Stephanie made her way up the aisle to Charles and grabbed his hands…then his arms…then his shoulders…then stood way back from him…then toe to toe. And this went on the entire time. It was so cute! The guests loved it. You could see how nervous but excited she was. And there was Charles, keeping her as calm as he could and you knew she would only be able to do this with him by her side. After torturing her for a short time, I finally pronounced them husband and wife and the excitedly kissed and excitedly got back down that aisle! Congratulations Charles and Stephanie! I’m so glad to have met both of you and next time I see you Stephanie you won’t be enjoying such a day off! Best wishes!

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