YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

December 3rd was a very special day at Reikart House. Not only was it Megan and Branden’s wedding day, but it was my 500th wedding! I was so happy to share such a big day with them. At the rehearsal the day before, Megan was feeling kinda anxious. A lot was happening and it’s normal to be stressed, so it’s good she had her human destresser, Branden there. He always helps her feel calm and grounded. And by the day of the wedding, she was cool as a cucumber and they just looked so happy to be together. They would have eloped if they didn’t like hanging with their friends and family so much, because all they really wanted was to be married. And so we got to it!
I stood at the altar with Branden who was all smiles as Megan made her grand entrance in her gorgeous dress that made her look like a Disney princess! They were immediately holding hands and it was one of my favorite weddings because they listened, smiled, laughed, and were very present in the moment. I felt like they took in every word and thought about how it related to their relationship. Truly, by the time I was telling Branden to kiss the bride, I was feeling as emotional as some of the guests!
Congratulations Branden and Megan! You’re a perfect couple and I’m so glad I got to share my momentous moment with you. Best wishes always and thanks for the celebratory cake!

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