YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 8th was being a very cheeky fall day. While it could not have looked any more beautiful at Knox Farm State Park for Alex and Eric’s wedding…it could have been warmer. Outdoor weddings are always so beautiful and my heart breaks a bit when it’s chilly out. It was still a wonderful day, but I had mad respect for Alex in her dress!
When I arrived I found the couple happily spending time together, seeming very calm for this big moment. Probably because they had the best wedding planner Petite Soirée working for them! Guests were happily gathering together and waiting for the event to finally start. We made our way outside and my low key officiant fears were kicking in that my ceremony would blow away (don’t get me started on my stress dreams), but the wind worked in our favor for the most part. The thing about wonderful couples is, once they stand at that alter together and you can see the love between them, you don’t notice things like the cold anymore. You just notice them and this moment and how lucky you are to share in it!
After their vows everything moved so quickly and soon enough I was pronouncing them husband and wife! Congratulations Eric and Alex! I can see such a wonderful future ahead for the two of you and a lifetime of happiness. All my love!

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