YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

Sometimes it rains on your wedding day, and sometimes it POURS. And that’s what was happening on July 1st at the Avanti Mansion for Krista and Luke’s wedding. I was nervous looking for Krista because I was afraid she’d be very upset and beside herself. I’ve seen a lot of brides on rainy days, and it isn’t always a pretty site. But Krista is the most go with the flow bride there is! Yes she was bummed, but she wasn’t letting it take away from her day at all. She was like, we still have the whole day, everyone is here, and it’s still going to be amazing. That is the right attitude to have! You don’t let yourself get disappointed by something you can’t control. I them immediately watched her change her adorable little baby, one handed while in her gown. Hero status over here. Luke was simply happy that Krista wasn’t disappointed and couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start. And when it did…I almost didn’t make it. Luke started crying when he saw his bride, and then sobbing, and then his mom was watching him and started sobbing and I was just digging my nails into my hand to keep it together! It’s hard to see such displays of love and not be moved by it. And since it was the two of them, holding hands, kissing at the end, it didn’t matter that it was raining outside. It only mattered that they were in that moment together. Congratulations Luke and Krista! You’re such a lovely family now with little Kennedy by your side.

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