YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

June 12th was another stunner at The Sterling at Arrowhead for Rachel and Brandon’s wedding. It IS a breezy spot though, so if you love the idea of your gorgeous veil blowing in the wind around you, creating perfect photos, then this is the place for you! And Rachel did look amazing as she stood at the alter with Brandon, veil lightly blowing as they shared their touching vows with one another. You should have seen how happy they looked as I asked their friends and family if they would always support and care for them and the crowd enthusiastically gave a heartfelt “WE WILL!” All in all, it was a perfect moment for a beautiful couple who I was honored to pronounce husband and wife. Congratulations Brandon and Rachel! You’re such a lovely couple and I won’t forget this special moment. I wish you a million more moments that are even half as happy as this one.

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