YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

When the couple is as cute as these two, you don’t mind heading out on cold February 5th for a wedding. Especially when it’s cozy as heck at the Avanti Mansion. I found Allison and Jhon, both beaming and looking super happy. They also seemed pretty relaxed (unless I had a question and then Jhon was texting Allsion for the correct answer. ALL grooms take note), and ready to get married! Allison looked so beautiful as she made her way down the long staircase as Jhon watched her. Even though moments before we were lightly joking about grooms getting choked up, there was Jhon, wiping tears from his eyes. They shared such personal and beautiful vows and when I looked out into the crowd, I could see how moved everyone was. Soon enough, before I started crying, they were kissing as husband and wife! Congratulations Jhon and Allison. It was such a please to share in your day and I wish you a life time of happiness!

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