YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

It’s somehow always a surprise when it arrives, but on December 11th, I celebrated not only Alyssa and Pat’s big day, but my LAST wedding of the year! At Statler City, I found a very happy and nervous (I’m looking at you Pat) couple, getting ready to share their love with each other, and their friends and family. Everything was run by Petite Soiree, so you KNOW it went smoothly, and soon enough we were waiting to head out, ready to enter the room that would happily change Alyssa and Pat’s life. As I then waited at the alter with Pat, he got teary eyed as Alyssa made her way out to Sea of Love by Cat Power which almost got to me too! She looked so beautiful and even though they had seen each other beforehand, it felt like he was seeing her for the first time on his wedding day. Their vows were unbelievable, so moving and meaningful, and I couldn’t have ended my season with a more perfect wedding. I think I was clapping the loudest for their first kiss. Congratulations Patrick and Alyssa! You’re a beautiful couple and I wish you a love filled lifetime together.

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