YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

November 6th was exciting not only because it was beautiful in November, but I got to see a new venue! After officiating for a decade, I’ve seen most of what Erie County has to offer, but The Bank in East Aurora was a new and exciting spot, one that was perfect for Colleen and Joe! I was immediately laughing at their perfect “it was worth the wait” sign, and then was laughing at Colleen’s energy and excitement. Joe was a little more reserved, but he couldn’t hide the excitement from his eyes. Soon enough we were outside watching Colleen make her beautiful entrance, and I think I was excited as both of them! It was a lovely moment that suited the two of them, and everyone erupted when they were finally announced husband and wife! Congratulations Joe and Colleen! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and it truly was worth the wait.

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