YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

October 8th felt like a perfect fall day, and no where more so than at La Galleria for Krissy and Dave’s wedding! It was such a sweet spot for the two of them, who I found, laughing hysterically with their bridal party, drinks in hand, making this their best day ever. They are so well matched and you could tell that they weren’t nervous or worried about things being perfect, they just wanted to be married. And that makes for a perfect day. Outside everything was beautiful, especially Krissy coming down the aisle to Dave. They beamed at each other and I was beyond thrilled when I finally got to announce them as husband and wife. Congratulations Dave and Krissy! It was a beautiful moment that seemed perfect for the two of you, and I wish you so many more of the moments in your long and happy lives together!

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