YellowBird Wedding

because simple is beautiful

September 24th was the kind of day that made you feel like you might just blow away! At The Sterling at Arrowhead, I met up with Megan and Ryan, who were looking forward with their outdoor wedding because a little wind didn’t scare them! It turned out to be lovely outside, although I have to apologize in advance for what my hair must look like in photos. While they both seemed a little nervous, they also seemed ready for this moment. As I stood outside with Ryan, I watched him get some butterflies as he nervously muttered to himself. He looked so happy when Megan made her beautiful entrance and soon enough, we were on our way! They kept things simple and lovely, and soon enough, they were kissing as a newly married couple! Congratulations Ryan and Megan! You’re a perfect couple and I’m so happy for you and your long life together. Much love!

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